Exworthy Educational Resources

Black History

Black History Museum- Find wonderful facts, information, and photos related to Black resistance, Tuskegee Airmen, Jackie Robinson, Black Panther Party, Million Man March, War Heroes, and more.

Black Baseball.com-Learn about the origins of the Negro Baseball Leagues. What they were, why they were founded, and why they no longer exist.

Black History & Culture The Library of Congress offers a study of colonization and abolitionism.

Eras in Black History- Colorful and nicely organized, this site is a great place to begin your research project.

Info Please- Black History Month- Here are lots of resources for use in the classroom.

Black History Month- Here is a collection of articles and other features
exploring diverse aspects of black history and culture.

Black History Month- Every month is Black History Month here. The creators have designed several lessons, student exercises, and reviews of special materials that present exciting ways to bring African-American history into  classrooms via the web.

Biography.com's Black History Month- Here are brief, text only, biographies of many famous African Americans.

Mop Top the Hip Hop Scientist- Designed for younger students, this site provides basic
biographical information about a dozen or so African Americans in the science profession.

Our Shared History- Find information on the Underground Railroad, historical places, and lots more here. 

Resources and Links For Black History Month, Kwanzaa, Martin Luther King Day, Juneteenth and More-