Exworthy Educational Resources

Civil Rights

National Civil Rights Museum- This is the world's first and only comprehensive overview of the civil rights movement in exhibit form. The Museum's goal is to instill in viewers an appreciation of the history, struggle, and the important events and personalities of the movement. Visitors can view video, photos and exhibits.

What was Jim Crow-

Greensboro Sit-Ins- Learn how the actions of four college students launched the Civil Rights movement, complete with video, information, and photos.

National Civil Rights Museum- Students will find concise descriptions and photos of chronologically ordered events related to the Civil Rights movement.

Timeline of the American Civil Rights Movement- Click on one of the 9 major civil rights events to find concise information and good photos.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott Page- This site contains  photos and information.

Harry T. Moore Homesite- This site commemorates the lives of two pioneering American black civil rights workers, who were killed when a bomb exploded under their bedroom on Christmas evening, 1951.

Reporting Civil Rights-An interactive timeline  chronicles the years 1941 to 1973. Find nearly 200 newspaper and magazine reports.