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Civil War

The American Civil War Homepage- Anyone doing research about the Civil War needs to see this site. It contains links to hundreds of Civil War documents, biographies, images, general information, records, research studies, battle information, regiment rosters, Civil War reenactment and tons more!

The USS Monitor Center- Find lesson plans, primary source materials, interactive stories and more related to the navy's first submarine.

Lesson Ideas for the Civil War Gallery- Here are hands-on projects for elementary and middle school students studying the Civil War.

Literature of the U.S. Civil War- Upper elementary and middle grade lessons and teaching strategies incorporating literature are described in complete detail here.

The Timeline of the Civil War-

The life of Private Jefferson Moses- Here are the authentic memoirs and diary of a Civil War soldier, complete with reflections on individual battles, the capturing of General Lee and the assassination of President Lincoln.

Lesson Plan: The Civil War- Here are related links and lesson activities for cross-curricular integration at the upper elementary level.