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American Exploration

Lewis and Clark

Louis and Clark- Here are a few photos and brief information.

Lewis and Clark's Historic Trail- Here are maps, timelines, journals, and more.

PBS Lewis and Clark- Find great background information, maps, interviews, photos, classroom lessons, and lots more.

Discovering Lewis and ClarkIllustrated with selections from the journals of the expedition, photographs, maps, animated graphics, moving pictures, and sound files, this site provides a multimedia experience and text information.

Lewis and Clark's Expedition- Great! Here is a complete, cross-curricular unit for learning about Lewis and Clark.

Lewis and Clark Project- Students develop a 5 page report using the resources provided. 

Lewis and Clark- A Teaching Guide- This page contains URL's and assignments for students to complete at each one- a good package of activities.

Go Across America With Lewis and Clark- This animated simulation asks students to decide provisions, direction, and other variables as they explore the west.

Pomp- The True Story of the Baby on the Sacagawea Dollar- This electronic book tells, in simple language, the true story about the baby that is on the new gold dollar. This ties into studies of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Growth of a Nation- This is a great ten minute narrated animation, with timeline, that describes the geographic history of the United States from the 13 states to present. 

All About the Oregon Trail- Learn about the hardships and lives of the explorers on the road west.

The Ogegon Trail- Historic sites, facts, full text diaries, history, and more  can be found here.

The American West- This site provides links and descriptions  to sites that describe the history and development of the American West, from the frontier and pioneer days of the wild west, to today's modern West. It features westward expansion, western trails, documents, cowboys, Indians, pioneers and more.

The Canadian West- Thematic guides, information, images, maps, and more explore the development of western Canada.

The Early America Review- Upper elementary through high school students will find lots of valuable information about life and history of 18th Century America. Visitors will find newspapers, photos, documents and more.

You Wouldn't want to be a Polar Explorer- This cartoon-style site leads students through the travels and problems encountered by explorers.

America on the Move- This site explores the role of transportation in American history.