Exworthy Educational Resources

Art Activities and Lessons


Computer Art Lessons: Using MS Paint- Here are some lessons using Microsoft Paint.

It's the Process, Not the Product- Here are detailed lessons for exploring art, organized by grade.

Marcel's Snowflake Patterns for Kids- Click on "Pattern & Instruction"  to bring up a printable pattern to cut and make a variety of snowflakes.

The Incredible Art Department- Find lesson plans, rubrics, kid's dept., and lots more resources here.

Mr. Olejarz Art Education- Find information on perspective and student's interpretations of perspective, as well as links to student art portfolios and lessons.

A Brush with Wildlife- Animated drawings come to life as they describe the basic aspects of art, line, movement, contrast, and others. This is great for your classroom. Find games and lots of activities under "education"

Art ConnectED-  Browse an art collection, find historical information, and play in an area where you can learn about art techniques, make a virtual portrait, design a virtual garden, and many other rich activities organized by grade level.

Creative Art Projects- Find beginning art curriculum guides, art from recycled material, and learn to draw lessons. 

Cool Art Projects for Kids-Tired of finger-painting? Bored with Magic Markers? Dissatisfied with the existential futility of glue and glitter?

The Color Pencil Challenge- Here are lessons and artwork for teaching students how to effectively use colored pencils in drawings.

NGA Kids- This site features famous paintings and lessons to explore and learn about art. This is great for elementary through high school.

Calligraphy 101- Find the history and detailed lessons for learning to create beautiful hand drawn letters.

Crayons and Computers- Students are invited to integrate computer paint program work with hands-on art to create still life, landscape, color explorations, and other art. 

What is a Print? This site explains in wonderful graphics the varieties of print projects, wood block, etching, lithography, and screen printing.

Vision and Art- These are high school level tutorials covering depth cues, relative height, linear perspective, interposition, figure ground, and more.  

Lifetime of Color- Here are resources and activities for students from beginning to advanced. There are four areas, create art, study art, teach art, and play art games and each contain lots of great stuff for students and teachers.

Crayons and Computers- Here are online art lessons and art ideas for young elementary students.

Draw and Color with Uncle Fred- Grab your pencil, follow the online steps and primary students can draw pictures and design art here.

Early Childhood Art Lessons- Pre-school and primary teachers will find a variety art activities here.

Learn to Paint- This resource contains tips, tricks and methods for painting using water colors, oils, acrylics, pastels, color mixing, and more.

Paul Friedlander Computer Art- Here are wonderful examples of 3D computer art that integrates math and science also.

The Impressionists- Explore the details of the paintings using Flash animation and find detailed biographies of the painters here. 

Utah Museum of Fine Arts- Lesson Plans for Teachers- Lessons plans designed for middle and high school students related to African Art, Modern Art, Egyptian Art, and more can be found here.  Complete art units using slides are available, also.

Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers and Students- This site offers information about folklore, art, anthropology and more. It is a network of educators, students, folklorists, and folk artists to foster sustained dialogue, classroom projects, teacher training, and online interactions with regional artists who might otherwise be unavailable to you.

Inside Art- Participants get sucked into a Van Gogh painting and then must learn all about art in order to get out; terrific online simulation with tie-ins across the curriculum.

The Imagination Factory- Students of all ages can learn to recycle ordinary objects into art- great for environmental ed.

KinderArt- Create African drums, plaster face masks, and over 160 other great elementary student art projects. This is a huge resource!

KinderArt- This Great resource provides art lesson plans, reference material, an online kid's art gallery, a forum for exchanging ideas and more.

Apple Corps- Here is the online electronic version of Mr. Potato Head, where younger children can choose a vegetable and decorate it.

Masks.org-   This awesome site contains links to masks from around the world, as well as masks from organizations, events, collections, art and everything else.

Visual Magic-  Advanced art students interested in computer graphics will appreciate this Online magazine containing the latest hot use of computer generated art. Visitors can find tutorials, downloads, reviews and more here.