Exworthy Educational Resources

Elementary Students


The Fourth of July For Kids- Patriotic games, activities, puzzles, and writing challenges are here at this 4th of July site.

Meddybemps- From the Island of Meddybemps, this is  a place for grown-ups and children to have fun. There are original stories, amusing characters, whimsical ideas, wordplay and humorous illustrations. 

PrimaryGames.com- This site contains educational games, puzzles, and activities, organized by subject. This is great for teachers, as well. 

National Geographic Kids- Here is a powerhouse of activities, games, and activities related to science and general fun.

Kid Wizard- This is a fun, educational place where kids ages six to twelve can play games, solve mysteries, make decisions in the interactive story, and find out that magic does exist.

Kid's Domain- Here is the ultimate kids' site. It has has games, contests, links, icons, information and great downloads, organized by age and subject specifically for young kids.

Funology-  This colorful site is full of activities for young kids to learn how to make things, explore the world, and discover new skills. Sign up for the free newsletter that includes jokes, tricks and creative craft ideas.

Squigly's Games- Find 25 games and more here!

World Village- Find general information for purchasing educational stuff, as well as play online and downloadable games. 

CyberChase- PBS presents this collection of interactive "games" that teach math concepts.

Zeeks.com- Designed for 6-13 year olds, here is mix of games, multimedia activities, drawing, chat, and fun.

All Magic Guide- This site contains information and video, allowing you to see how some basic illusions are created. Articles explain how to do-it-yourself.

See Inside a Submarine- These stunning 360-degree photographs, or Quicktime VRs, will give you views of everything from the torpedo room to the crew's mess.

Faces- Kids will enjoy mixing and matching heads, eyes, and mouths of famous celebrities to create other celebrities. It's kind of fun.


Jack's Harmonica Lessons- Here are ten harmonica lessons, including instructions, advice, and practice tunes with audio files.

Robert Wadlow- Look at pictures and read about the world's largest man here, just for fun.

PlanetZoom- Space theme animated story that game oriented kids will like is waiting here.

Everyday Mysteries- Find some really interesting and cool facts here, organized by topic.

Yaks Corner- Targeted for elementary aged kids,  Here is a kid's magazine site that includes news, games, crafts, art and more.

KidsCom- Write a story, send a card, chat with friends, or play a game from a large selection here. People aged 4- 13 would like this site.

Bonus- This is a huge site that has areas for older children, as well as areas for younger children. They can find games, activities, and information. Kids can color, compute, explore educational sites by topic and inspect science subject matter.

Funology- Designed for kids ages 1 to 101, this site is full of fun science experiments, puzzles, games, recipes, magic, and more.

Try Science- This colorful site provides experiments, webcams, and adventures.

LycosZone- Find fun activities, games, movies, puzzles, and great links by subject- And teaching resources for teachers, too.

Forensic Files- This site is print intensive without much graphics, but offers kids the opportunity to solve pretend crimes using science knowledge and deduction. This site is designed for upper elementary through beginning high school students.

Evidence: The True Witness- If you are interested in forensic science, Evidence: The True Witness contains detailed information about the different fields.

Major League Baseball   Baseball lovers will appreciate all of the stuff here.