Exworthy Educational Resources

Fun and Activities

Younger Students

Pappy's Clubhouse- Young kids will find lots of fun art activities, puzzles, and lots more here.

Kindergarten Games- Here are some fun games and reading activities for preschooler and Kindergarten children.

lil'Fingers- Here is a site for toddler age children with games, storybooks and coloring pages.

4Kids2Play- Here are puzzles and activities, all educational and "flash" animated. Brainwork offers a tangram puzzle, memory and a shuffle game; click and drag allows children to dress characters, search for differences and complete puzzles.

Julia's Rainbow Corner-Click Go Play to find "flash animated" games and puzzles that are fun and educational.

Ranger Rick's Kids Zone- Theme related games, puzzles, acitivities, tours and more found here are great for younger and older students.

Bowaa and Kwala- This site is for kids aged 2-8   who want to play fun interactive games / activities, read a great illustrated story and listen to some great music and songs with Boowa and Kwala.

Online Preschool and toddler games and activities- Online projects, coloring activities, and more are here.

CyberKids- This is a place for elementary students to view or publish a story, poem, picture, game or Hyperstudio creation.

Kid Sites- This is the perfect place to find great links to sites designed primarily for younger kids. The links are organized by subject and topic. 

Humongous Entertainment- This site contains fun activities, games and coloring pages for younger kids.

Pilkey's Website O' Fun - Primary students will enjoy coloring, playing games, engaging in projects, folding planes, and reading jokes and stories here. An area for teachers offers integration ideas.

PBS Kids Backstage-  This is the backstage area for all of the PBS shows designed for younger children. Here, children can explore writing, drawing and other activities connected to their favorite PBS show.

Nursery Rhymes- Click on a rhyme to read and hear music to read it by.

Enchanted Learning's Preschool and Kindergarten Activities- Find activities and printouts related to alphabet, numbers, animals, crafts, vehicles, themes, calendars, nursery rhymes, dinosaurs, whales, jokes, and more. 

Literacy Center- Here are more "flash" animate games and activities for learning letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and words. It is very cleanly done and useable in the classroom.

NickJr.com-Preschool students and parents will find activities related to popular educational TV shows and tons of valuable resources. Teachers will find preschool lesson plans organized by themes!

Mousers- This site is designed for the very young users, complete with simple coloring, matching, and other games.

SesameWorkshop- Find everything for young kids to do here. Parents will find very valuable information related to age specific child development.