Exworthy Educational Resources

Reference Books and Dictionaries

Dictionary of Difficult Words- Click on a letter to find hundreds of unusual and difficult to spell words. Use this when practicing for the Spelling Bee contest. 

Shahi Visual Dictionary- Type in a word and find multiple definitions, but the best part are the many photos obtained by Flikr, google, and yahoo that clearly describe the concept.

Research-It- Search through references books for rhymes, acronyms, words, translations, conjugations, maps, currencies, and more.

Visual Thesaurus- High school students will appreciate this high tech site that makes words and their synonyms dance in 3D.

Roget's Thesauri- Here is an online Thesaurus.

Freality Internet Search- Wow! Search through a multitude of resources, such as every encyclopedia and specialty search engine.

Little Explorers- Designed for primary students, this site contains an interactive dictionary and lessons that engage students in online research. Teachers will find lessons and more.