Exworthy Educational Resources

Spelling and Vocabulary

Spelling and Vocabulary Plans- Teachers can find lots of different ways to spice up the spelling with these games, activities, and centers.

Harcourt Spelling- Organized by grade levels K-6, find spelling activities for 35 different spelling units. 

One Look Dictionary - It is just what the name implies. One search looks in dozens of online dictionaries.

Word Smyth -This dictionary is unique in that it provides extensive information about each word in a very clear format. It includes definitions, synonyms, related words, parts of speech, example sentences and more. I highly recommend this site for elementary students and up.

The Rhyme Zone -Itís great for adding spice to your studentsí compositions. Includes a Shakespeare Dictionary, A rhyming dictionary, entire famous documents and quotes from famous people including Douglas Adams.

Common Errors in English- This page contains almost every word misused and/or misspelled in  standard English. 

A Spelling Test- Here is a spelling test of 50 of the most commonly misspelled words and tips for improvement.

The Word Detective- This site provides detailed descriptions of the origin of many unusual words.

Fun With Words.com- This site deals with plays-on-words such as anagrams, palindromes, spoonerisms, pangrams, oxymorons, mnemonics, word etymology, tongue- twisters, and cockney rhyming slang. Each term is defined and   illustrated with many  examples. It's fun for any classroom.

Lexical FreeNet- Type in any two words and look for synonyms, antonyms, rhymes, anagrams and more. There's even an option to find words in the database with similar spellings.

Vocabulary University- Organized by grades 4-12, this site is designed for teachers and students who want to enhance vocabulary mastery. Visitors can earn a diploma at VOCAB U. Teachers can use these exercises to enrich classroom curriculum and to help prepare for the SSAT,PSAT, GED, SAT and ACT. They can supplement personal vocabulary acquisition in home-schooling and ESL programs.

The Linguistic Fun Page- From oxymoron to wacky language, this site has links to offbeat language sites- very useful in language classes.

Acronym Finder- This is a fun page that allows you to type in the letters and see the list of common acronyms it makes. This is another Acronym Search utility.

Interactive Word Games- Find solutions to many puzzles here. Find crossword help, words from a word calculations, unscramble words, create piglatin, and more.