Exworthy Educational Resources

Students Submit Writing

Kidspace- Younger students can submit drawings and writing to this neat site.

Make Beliefs Comix- Teachers can use this comic strip game to encourage youngsters to improve language, reading, and creative skills. It's great for ESL and lots of fun.

Storybook Online Network- Kids can contribute to continuing stories, read original stories, listen to stories, critically analyze music videos, and lots more.

Inkspot -This is a great site for writers of all ages. It includes writers' workshops, news, issues, and networking with other writers. The child's area, children's writing marketplace, lists places for kids to submit writing, many offering money for submissions!

Writer's Window- Students are invited to critique writing, submit writing, join a continuous story, correspond about writing, and more. 

Book Review Forum- This project allows students to read a book, write an evaluation, and post the review to a website.

Building Rainbows- Suggestions for good books for students as well as opportunities to review books here.

Sears Portrait Studio- Here is a tremendous place for primary-aged students to complete holiday theme-related writing templates. 

Stone Soup- Students up to age 13 can read and listen to other kids' writing and submit their own work here.