Exworthy Educational Resources

Stock Market

Edu Stock Simulation- Edustock is an educational web page designed to teach young and old alike, what the stock market is, and how it can work for them. It includes tutorials and simulations on the stock market and how to pick good stocks. It also provides information on a select group of companies to help you start your research into what stock is going to make your fortune.

Kid$Invest-   Kids Invest is a comprehensive guide to the stock market, investing and money management. It is specifically designed for young people. The information on this site is separated according to age/grade level, containing activities for students from kindergarten to high school. There are sections for kindergarten to fourth grade, fifth through eighth grade, and high school.

YoungInvestor.com-  This colorful, "Flash" animated http://www.younginvestor.com/site presents interactive games, such as Drive Down Wall Street, Stock Car Race, NY Stock Exchange, and Stock Drop. 

Investing for Kids- This Thinkquest project examines stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the like. It teaches the principles of saving and investing and includes several stock games and simulations. 

Stocks Quest- This is an online game that classes can register and engage in learning activities. They also have lesson plans and many resources for teaching about stocks.