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Time Measurement

Time Service Department- This is the official timekeeper for the U.S. Students can find time related information here.

Official U.S. Time- 

Teaching Time-Here are lessons, games, and activities for teaching time.

Just In Time- Organized by topic, this site contains detailed lessons, worksheets and quizzes related to time.

Time- Here is a nice collection of links related to time.

The Official U.S. Time- Click on the map and find accurate time readings. Greenwich 2000 provides time around the world.

 The Time Zone Converter allows users to compute the time from one city to another. Find links to the evolution of time, also. 

A Walk Through Time- Here is the evolution of time measurement, covering  Ancient Calendars, Early Clocks, Revolution in Timekeeping, The "Atomic Age" and World Time Scales.

Telling Time by the Light of the Moon- This lesson with worksheets helps students understand that local solar time is determined by the position of the sun relative to an observerís horizon.

Daylight Savings Time- Students can explore the history of daylight savings time, the reasons for its use, irregularities, and more.

Time Projects- This is a list of projects and informational resources related to time.

ClockWorks- From Sundials to the Atomic Second- Here is high school information on time measurement.

Sundials- Find a brief history, a great animation on how they work, and a simple project for building sundials.

Analemmatic Sundials; How to Build One and Why They Work- Great for high school!

Sundials on the Internet- Find projects, images, and information related to famous sundials found worldwide.

Make a Sundial- Find links to resources for making a variety of sundials.

Escape From Knab- This shockwave simulation finds elementary and middle school students on the planet Knab. By making the right financial decisions they can find their way back to Earth - a different game every time.