Exworthy Educational Resources

Moving Information

Homefair- Find guidelines for mortgages, reports on local schools, calculations for moving expenses and cost of living ratios, and information on new homes and rentals here.

VirtualRelocation.com-Data on most communities including detailed information about schools, jobs, homes, income and more is here. Check here to apply for a teaching job in a new city.

homes.wsj.com- Find homes, city profiles, relocation tools, home values, and more here. A most useful component is the "Best Places to Live" personal analysis. Complete the survey and discover your best place to live.

BestPlaces.net- Here is another great place to compare cities using 30 different criteria.


SchoolMatch.com- Here is some statistical information for any school district in the U.S. Obtain a detailed school district or school "report card" for a fee.

Live and Learn- Here are games to play with children during long drives in the car.  

Realtor.com- This site lists over one million properties, plus maps, photos, how-to buy, and community facts.

Salary.com- Choose a profession and compare salaries for similar positions in different parts of the country.

Home Improvement and Design

Doityourself.com- Wow! This is a full service with everything needed for designing, fixing, and maintaining a home.

BobVila.com- Find useful tools such as home plans, 3D room designer, and remodeling information.