Exworthy Educational Resources

Collaborative Project Collections

Headbone Derby- Great for elementary schools, this is a listing of online adventure projects in different subject areas, designed to teach Internet research skills.

TeleCollaborative Projects-

Collaborative Projects- This is a nice collection of annotated links to varied projects across the curriculum.

Telecollaborate- Wow, this great site provides tips on designing, developing, and refining collaborative project. Find tons of ongoing projects for you to join, organized by subject!

GSN- This Global SchoolHouse site contains many collaborative projects, sorted by date and subject. Find a project to join here! Internet Project Registry offers search capabilities. 

CIESE Collaborative Projects- Here are 10 wonderful collaborative projects that are multi-grade and cross the curriculum.

The Guardian- This futuristic, graphic-intensive, site's  interface engages students as they participate in detailed projects involving saving the Rainforest, finding Peace in Space, and locating Life in Space. It is exciting and educational!

Collaborative Lesson Archive- Here are lots of interactive projects organized by grade level.

Telementor Program- Mentors work with classroom teachers and students, exchanging e-mail weekly, working on projects related to real jobs. 

SCORE- Visitors can search by grade level, theme or topic for great links.  Information about professional development, Internet integration, virtual projects and field trips, and more can be found here.  This is a great resource!!

Collaborative Internet Projects- This page contains a very complete listing of annotated links to projects.

CIESE Classroom Projects- Here is a good collection of K-12 science-related projects, organized by collaborative projects, real-time data projects, and partner projects.

SchoolWorld- Dedicated to promoting Web projects between schools, this site is a valuable resource for finding on-going collaborative projects.

Global Schoolhouse's Internet Project Registry- This resource allows visitors to search for Web projects by age level and subject.