Exworthy Educational Resources

Helping the World Projects


Kids Against Violence Everywhere- Join in and suggest a way to spread kindness throughout the world.

World Food Program- Food Force- This game is a classroom tool for teaching about hunger.

Darfur is Dying- This game teaches about the genocide in Darfur that has taken the lives of  400,000 people, and find ways to get involved to help stop this human rights and humanitarian crisis.

Coming to a School Near You: A Project on Youth Gangs- Designed for 11th and 12th grade, this webquest has students assume roles to design a media campaign to persuade middle school students to stay out or get out of gangs. 

Teaching Tolerance- Here are some free and low cost teaching materials.

Tolerance.org contains over 100 ways for students to become involved with helping the world.

A Kid's Campaign to Build-  Students can become with child labor issues and follow the progress of a child sold and escaped from slavery. 

President's Service Award-

Human Rights Resource Center- Here is a great resource related to human rights and communication. Find many lessons, information, activities, issue involvement, collaborative projects, and lots more for all grade levels.

VolunteerMatch.com- Find volunteer opportunities organized by type and zip code.

SERVEnet- Search for many volunteer opportunities  by typing in your zip code.

20 Ways For Teenagers to Help Other People by Volunteering- Lots of ideas and links to resources are here.

Decisions, Decisions- Students role-play legislators faced with a critical situation, Decisions, Decisions Online will stimulate discussions that start inside your classroom and continue outside of it.

The Hunger Site- Classes considering an important project could use this great map that flashes human starvation locations every 3.6 seconds. Link to hunger fighting sites here.

Learning Adventures in Citizenship- Kids can explore the history of New York, do activities to learn more about the history of their own towns -- and participate in volunteer programs to improve their communities.

I*earn- Youth making a difference through telecommunications offers kids the opportunity to engage in some projects that will help the world.  This is a great site with lots of projects!!

Random Act of Kindness for the Month- This site recognizes student's acts of kindness by posting photos and descriptions of the act on the site.

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation- Here are ideas for both high school and elementary school, includes forming a club.

Kid's Next Door- Appropriate for elementary kids, this site contains activities and links to "help kids learn more and become involved in good citizenship." Opportunities to volunteer, locate community service organizations, and engage in activities are found here.

Creating Peace- Children who participated were asked to create a picture and choose words of advice on how to 'get along' better. In preparation, they first visited selected sites from which they could explore global issues and express their opinions to world leaders. Read their creations here.

The Hunger Site- "Click to Donate" and learn about world hunger here, a great place to begin a good project.

Do Something- The Do Something Community Connections Campaign is a national effort to connect young people with civic organizations to strengthen America's communities for the 21st century. Awards are available.

Project Harmony- Here are four different projects that promote multi-cultural awareness, knowledge and perspective.

Points of Light Foundation- Find volunteer centers across the U.S. or become nominated for an award here. 

Kid's Art- Aid- This is an educational project begun by students from Cooranbong Community School (Australia) and Whisconier Middle School (U.S).  Schools worldwide are asked to contribute their native artwork, to be sponsored by corporations.  Financial contributions will assist children in New Guinea rebuild schools after the recent tsunami.