Exworthy Educational Resources

Theme Related Unit Projects


ISTE's Xcursion Central- This is what you have been waiting for. Here is a free site that provides Xcursion projects, similar to Cyberguides- links to great educational sites, organized by subject. It is organized by grade level, lists ISTE standards, and asks high-level questions. Classes can use the provided tools to make their own Xcursion projects.

RAFT Ideas- Organized by subject and grade level, find detailed, hands-on projects to use in any project-based classroom.

The Ultimate Summer Vacation Planner- Students can use this planner to plan, budget, and calculate how to best spend their summer, as a math/social studies project.

Unit Plan Search- Search for great projects by concept, topic, keyword, or grade level.

Teaching Themes- Here is another full service. Click on a topic and find links to related clipart, resources, teaching ideas, downloads, Webquests, worksheets, and lots more!

Internet Project- This PDF defines the concept and provides links with examples.

In 2 Edu Thematic Units- This is collection of links takes teachers to thousands of thematic units.

Thematic Planning Units- Organized in elementary and middle school areas, this site has detailed, cross-curricular units organized by topic.

Early Childhood Thematic Units- Each unit topic includes resources related to bulletin boards, cooking, art, gross motor, language, sign language, literature, music, and more, complete with lesson plans.

Enchanted Learning- Find resources for teaching a variety of elementary themes.

Teaching Through Technology- Here are cross-curricular projects that integrate technology organized by grade level, subject, topic, and technology used. It is very well done- a great resource. 

Alfy's Thematic Units-   Organized by theme, this site contains links to elementary theme related lessons and units of study.

Inventing the Future- Here are lesson plans for engaging students in a variety of collaborative projects involving technology usage in future years.

Inventors and Inventions Theme Page- This is a collection of great collaborative projects ideal for use in the classroom.

Little Explorers- Designed for young students, this picture dictionary contains 1,383 illustrated dictionary entries! Each word is used in a meaningful example sentence and most entries have links to a related web site. The Activities page contains research questions for pre-readers and grades K through 4.

Web Based Themes- Choose a theme and find the WWW links that contain related information here.

ProTeacher- Here is a giant searchable collection of units organized by theme and topic. Wow, this is great!

Internet Schoolhouse- Here is an alphabetical listing of many Internet projects, organized by grade level, complete with curricular area information and project descriptions.

Calendars Through the Ages- Learn about the world's many historical methods of measuring time, great for millennium studies. 

Y2K, We Have A Dream For You is a student made site writing dreams for the future. Contribute, read, or create your own!

Mightymedia- Site includes internet/curriculum issues and ideas, exchange of teaching ideas in TeacherTalk

Computer Projects- Here are projects related to science and social studies.

Early Childhood Project Room-   Organized by subject area, here are some easy projects for primary classrooms not involving technology.

Filamentality- Teachers can obtain structured guidance with web based lesson development by customizing project links, introductions, questions, instructions, etc.

Global SchoolNet's Internet Projects Registry- Searchable by grade level and project due date, this site contains tons of great, proven effective classroom projects. Castle Builder- Students are asked to research information and construct a castle model, great for upper elementary through high school.

Build a Medieval Castle- Students download free software and follow the directions for building a model castle.

Educated Guess- From the topics of politics, economics, and the natural world, students can examine Internet resources and make predictions of what might happen in the future, as well as compare their projections to the experts.

Global Schoolhouse- Register your class projects here or see projects from other schools around the world. Search for specific projects, links and resources.

Projects and Programs- Global Schools Network provides a complete index of sites that contain educational projects databases. Link here for tons of projects!

Education Place- This commercial Houghton-Mifflin site offers some really good activities and ideas for integrating the Internet with on-going projects.