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How to Design a Webquest

Webquests- Here are lessons, organized by subject, produced by teachers,  that integrate the WWW and learning. A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. WebQuests are designed to use learners' time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support learners' thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. This site has it all!

A Webquest About Webquests- Here is the background information, the task, and the process for developing a webquest project. This similar project, A Webquest About Webquests,  is for elementary teachers.

A Road Map For Designing Webquests- Great for staff development, this online presentation details the steps for designing a great webquest.

Webquests, Blaine- This page details components and provides a template and sample rubric. 

TeacherWeb Create a Webquest- Free to teachers and complete with detailed instructions, here is the place to design and post your webquest.

Webquest Design Templates- Wow! Choose the type of webquest that you want and adapt the provided information to create a great webquest. 

Maximizing Internet Resources- Webquests- This is another outstanding Webquest for teaching about the structure of Webquest projects. This is great for staff development.

Building Blocks of a Webquest- This site take teachers through the task, process, resources and evaluation concepts of a web quest and provides tips for designing a web quest.

Webquest Templates- This site explores, in detail, the components of a Webquest and includes templates to help their creation; it is great for staff development!

Webquest Attributes- This page defines the qualities necessary for a good webquest project, great for staff development.

The Student Webquest- This site explains what they are and give great details on how to design a webquest.

iWebquest.com- This site has a nice explanation, teaching tips, and provides good examples of Webquests.

Elementary School Webquest- Quest- Analyze the six given Webquests during a staff development. All of the information and tasks are here!

Webquests in Our Future- Kathy Schrock provides this great PowerPoint presentation describing Webquests, perfect for staff development.

Some Thoughts About Webquests- This paper defines and provides the recipe for completing a Webquest.

Webquest for Teachers- The goal of this WebQuest is to help teachers understand the Internet well enough to want to incorporate this tool into their lessons.

Webquests: An Integration Tool- This slideshow, great for staff development, describes the What, Why's, and more. 

Writing a Webquest for Your Classroom- Here are the steps and details for developing a Webquest project. 

Some Thoughts About Webquests- Here is the definition, detailed information about the attributes, and some great examples of webquest projects. 

Webquest Generator- This is a fill-in the blanks method for creating a project. 

Writing a Webquest for Your Classroom- Follow these 7 steps and provided links to create a Webquest. This could be used as a lesson on developing a Webquest staff development.

HyperQuest- Sponsored by Hyperstudio, this site offers a step-by-step discussion of the concept of HyperQuests, workshop handouts and demonstration samples of completed Quests. HyperInternet provides more handouts, examples and information.

Ozline.com- Webquests for Learning- Tom March provides this discussion on why to use webquests in the classroom. Use this at staff development.