Exworthy Educational Resources

Theme-Related Webquests


Winter Olympic Webquest-

E-Journal's Athlete- This multimedia and Java enhanced site produces beautiful photographs, information, and timelines related to modern Olympics. It's beautiful. This would be great for use when developing a webquest!

Games of Ancient Olympics- Here is a simple project where groups of four 6th grade students answer questions from the information found on the provided websites.

The Olympic Games of Ancient Greece- Students can choose from multiple tasks.

Quest for Olympic Gold- Students work with a partner writing an essay qualifying them for competition. They then choose a sport, develop a nutrition schedule, and formulate a training/exercise worksheet.


Other Themes


Classroom Management Webquest- Here is a webquest for elementary teachers learning to cope with only one computer in the classroom. Use this with staff development.

Roman Web Project- Designed for high interest/low reading level classes, this project explores ancient Rome.

Starrry Messenger-To defend his viewpoints, Galileo needs 21st century knowledge to prove his 17th century breakthrough thinking. Students are asked to help. 

The Ugly Islands Home Page- This project, very similar to a Webquest, asks participants to use the scientific method for deciding the development of fictional islands, considering the ecology, human impact, etc. of the decision. This has potential!!

Water Conservation Webquest-

Circle of Life Webquest- Students, as marine researchers, find information on saving the marine environment and make PowerPoint presentations and a poster- Very complete!

The Heat is On- Government Representative of developed nations, Environmental Impact Specialists, Climate Expert Scientists, Government Representative of  Newly Industrialized and Industrializing Nations collaborate to determine solutions to global warming.

Weather Webquest- As a meteorologist of an evening news show, you and your co-workers need to write a script for tonight’s broadcast.

Tornado Alley: Wild Weather Webquest- As a meterologist, community safety engineer, family safety engineer, and presentation coordinator, students work in groups and create a Hyperstudio presentation.

Twisted Tornadoes and Horrid Hurricanes- Gather information about the severe weather in both Carson County and Dade county.  Students decide the best  location for a museum based upon these weather patterns and the possible damaging effects.

Galapagos Quest- The expedition has ended but you can take a virtual voyage through the Galapagos Islands. This site is great to use as a classroom project!

Mr. Pitonyak's Pyramid Puzzle- This site invites students to bid on the job of constructing a pyramid today. Students are asked to estimate the cost of building a pyramid using modern materials and ancient methods. Submit a bid, create a scale drawing and model, and present a final report to the class. 

The Port Chicago Disaster- Based upon actual historical events, this page contains two related webquests involving the students in researching the U.S. President's power to pardon individuals and investigating military racial segregation.

Iditarod Webquest-  Your class is going to learn as much as they can about the race, Alaska, and the people that live there. The class will act as a TV news team to gather information. 

Iditarod Webquest-Research-Create posters, write reports, and make presentations on the qualities of a good musher.

Iditarod Webquest- This is really a scavenger hunt for answers to provided questions; find them from the resources listed.

Pre-historic Webquest- Students assume different roles as they investigate Pr-historic animals, making a collaborative presentation as the final project.

National Museum of Natural History-    As Curators for the museum, students research traditional plants and gardening techniques for an exhibit, find a piece of art that represents their school's largest cultural group, and make a presentation of their findings.

The Volcano Webquest- Here is a very basic webqust where Individual students assume the role of a newspaper writer and learn about volcanoes by using the provided resources.

Tornado Warning- As television PR staff, students investigate tornadoes and present reports to their companies, in order to try to gain a better understand of tornadoes.

Trees and Forest Webquest- Students gather detailed information about  trees and prepare a PowerPoint presentation.

Atlantis Quest- Created by Carolyn O Burleson, LA Unified School District, this webquest leads students
on an expedition to uncover the truth about Atlantis.

The Immigration Today Webquest- In this project students explore the actual statistics (facts and figures), the political and economic implications as presented by both sides of the issue, as well as presenting some real stories of immigrants today.

Wagons West- Students take on the roles of social scientist, ecology officer, maintenance director, and trail navigator as they research the Oregon trail, producing a report for Washington D.C.

Muckrakers- This Webquest project asks students to imagine that they are back in the Progressive Era.  As members of a news magazine staff, students create a document of the era.

Una Citta in Italia Webquest- Students are to keep a journal of their week's tour of Italy and gather materials for a multimedia presentation.

Searching For China- Student team members  will develop a Group Report that contains a Three Point Action Plan for US/China relations,  taking into account the following perspectives: Business, Cultural, Religious, Human Rights, Environmental, and Political.

German Unification Case Study- Very similar to a Webquest, this project involves  exploration of the issues of German reunification by taking on the role of involved citizens, and discussion of problems and solutions.

Amistad- High school students analyze the plot of the film, participate in an online debate and gather enough pertinent information from the Internet to construct a timeline of significant events in this case.

The Decision to drop the Bomb- Students assume roles as Japanese Civilian, photographer, politician, and American soldier as they create newspaper editorials and letters stating their views on the atomic bomb.

Coming to a School Near You: A Project on Youth GangsDesigned for 11th and 12th grade, this webquest has students assume roles to design a media campaign to persuade middle school students to stay out or get out of gangs.  

World War II- This webquest, designed for grades 9-12 language arts and U.S. history students, asks participants to create a timeline and write a persuasive essay defending the four freedoms.

Mexican Webquest- Working groups of students use the resource links to gather, evaluate, and synthesize information related to Mexico. They are to make a classroom presentation using this information.

The Guilded Age, Documenting Industry in America- This high school level webquest, complete and very engaging, involves collaborative work producing a documentary slideshow about industry.

Economic Forcasting- High school students will use the Internet/WWW retrieve up-to-date key economic statistics which will provide valuable hints about the state of the future economy. Students use this information to establish a business in a foreign country.

Look Who's Footing The Bill- This middle and high school webquest explores the national debt controversy to inspire students toward taking democratic action.

Evidence, The True Witness

Vietnam- Students assume a variety of roles, research the Vietnam War, and complete Hyperstudio templates supporting their position for or against the construction of a city mural. 

A Revolutionary Webquest- Containing lots of great information about the history, battles, and people, this site is also  revolutionary simulation. You will act as the commander of the continental army. You will be responsible for managing troops, trading for supplies and money, and for coping with disasters.

Ancient Egypt Webquest- This website sends upper elementary and older students on a quest that requires them to complete  a number of tasks to decode a secret message that’s written on the   inside Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen's burial mask.

Ancient Egypt: A Webquest-

Ancient Egypt- A Webquest-As a team of advisors, investigate your assigned area using the Internet resources provided to gather facts regarding Egyptian methods related to your specialty.

African Art Webquest- Students, as problem solvers, pose as  museum curators who need to set up an exhibit.

Radio Days: A Webquest-   Students assume the task of writing and producing a new radio drama, presented in a radio play with sound effects.  The Radio Boss expects "employees" to research of the history of radio drama and to use this knowledge to create a script for a new radio mystery/suspense series.

Audio Project Webquest- A Boss has assigned you and your co-workers the task of writing and producing a new radio drama.

Webquest: The Great Depression- Students assume the role of a person in a chosen profession living in the Great Depression. They use the provided resources to explore their economic choices for their family.

Hello Dolly- Here is a Webquest about cloning. Students interview legislative experts and are to work collaboratively, access current information, analyze the validity of sources, reach consensus with their peers, take action, and explain the consequences of their decision.

ThinkQuest- This organization challenges students ages 12-19 to use and Internet and earn prizes for outstanding work, such as creative webpages that educate.

The Big Wide World Webquest- Elementary students explore the plants, animals, cultures, and languages of the world as they determine the relationships of the the components.

In Search of the Missing e-Using Resources provided, students must design an 'e' problem/solution related to their chosen business. Each problem should be a mathematical function or formula utilizing the number 'e', the findings presented using a professional looking visual aid (poster, graph, model, etc).