Exworthy Educational Resources

General Anatomy


The Visible Human Project- Designed as a collection of resources for adults, this collection of video, photographs, and animations of human anatomy is great for any aged student.

Living Cell, Tissue, Human Body- Here is an interactive animated atlas of structure and function of the body parts.

Human Body- This is a great list of annotated links covering all topics.

Digital Anatomist - This site is a resource for both teachers and students who want to view interactive 3-D images of the human body.

Artificial Anatomy- This site explores the historical models used to study anatomy. Find an anatomy models, their history, and information.

The Guided Tour of the Visible Human- Here are over 18000 digitized sections of the body. The animations and images in this tour demonstrate planes of section and other high school and college level concepts in anatomy.

Human Anatomy Online - This site has more than 100 detailed illustrations of the human body, thousands of descriptions, neat animations, functions and conditions.  Not overly complex, but a little technical for younger students. There is a link to Automotive Online, too!

Virtual Body -This is a Shockwave driven, deluxe site, containing  illustrations and narrating animations of the digestive system, heart, skeleton, and brain-  lots of information and fun for all ages.

Inner Body- Graphically rich, this site allows users to point to body organs for details and information.