Exworthy Educational Resources

Aquatic Animals

Ocean Futures- Learn everything about Keiko, the Orca whale, and find great ocean related projects here.

The Virtual Ocean- Beautifully done photographs accompany easy text information about tiny animals of the tidepools.

MarineBio.org- This site is an introduction to marine biology and what you need to know about marine conservation.

WhaleNet- This is a good resource for information on migration, curriculum and lessons.

Whales: A Thematic Unit- Find wonderful resources, lesson plans, and project ideas here.

Track a Turtle- Using satellite telemetry, this site tracks the green turtles of the Turtle Islands.

FactMonster's Fish FAQ- Students will find information related to fish, fishing and oceanography. Lots of links to related sites are available.

Ocean Oasis- Find photos and information for ocean animals of Baja California, organized by fishes, marine mammals, marine invertebrates, terrestrial animals, and plants. Find teaching resources, too.

Oceans of Know- Teachers will find  a comprehensive lesson plan covering sharks, hurricanes, bony fish, plankton and the seashore. Also find a video-teleconferencing unit linking you to the tanks and scientists at Mote Marine Labs in Sarasota, Florida.

Marine Animals Index- Organized by phylum and animal groups, here is a searchable database of information about marine animals.

New England’s Aquarium- Visitors can explore the current and archived exhibits on display at the aquarium, as well as learn about animals in the sea.

Aquatic Animals



Fish FAQ- This Site, great with elementary and older students, asks and answers some common and some unusual questions related to fish and ocean invertebrates.

Shark School- Great for elementary and older students this site has wonderful facts, photos, games, anatomy information, and more related to sharks.

In Search of the Giant Squid- This online exhibition discusses, compares, and depicts the life of the Giant Squid.

Turtle Trax- Become familiar with the Marine Turtle and learn how all varieties are endangered at this site containing essays and photos.

The Search for Ancient Sharks- Follow the attempts to learn about ancient sharks from the ocean near the Falklands. Students are invited to submit shark drawings.

River Otters- Elementary students can learn facts, observe a film, see a live-cam and more at this great site related to otters.

Whole Frog Project- This is a 3D representation of a frog dissection and contains lots of technical information regarding how it was done-  good for all levels.
Salamander Feeding Movies- Here are movies showing salamanders catching prey.

Something Froggy- Available in primary and secondary versions, this easy to read story about a frog teaches great scientific concepts related to amphibians. 

Frogland- Elementary students will learn frog facts, color frog pages, play frog games, and learn how to care for frog pets at this great Site. Teachers and parents will find lots of froggy lesson plans and activities. This is a great resource.

Net Frog-Find dissection, images, movies, and interactive exercises. 

Frog Guts- This site says that it is the first true online frog dissection.

Frogguts.com- This flash film allows interaction and very real dissection of a frog. Find quizzes, too. Great!

The Virtual Frog Dissection Kit allows students to take apart and put together a virtual frog with no smell.

Crocodiles- Amazing photos and complete information about crocodiles can be found here. There are lessons and a teacher's guide, too.