Exworthy Educational Resources


Dinosaur Eggs-  Join the National Geographic for an online egg hunt and catch the excitement of fossil researchers as they “hatch” fossilized dinosaur eggs to reveal the embryos inside. This site is rich with graphics and is great for any class studying dinosaurs.

Discovering Dinosaurs- Here are innovative activities for learning the environment, anotomy, beharior and phisiology of major dinosaurs. Find innovative activities and teaching resources for grades 4-6.

Jurassic Park Institute- Wow! Here is a super high tech site that includes information for all ages of people interested in Dinosaurs. There are resources for teachers and activities for learners such as games, news, interactive online science labs; all of which are tied to National Science Standards.

Dinorama- In National Geographic style, this site provides extensive information related to dinosaurs, bringing history to life in graphics and information.

Dinosaurs- Honolulu Community College  is providing Hawaii's students and interested  groups with an exciting look at the prehistoric natural history of the world by displaying the fossils of some of the largest terrestrial creatures that ever lived.

DinoSphere- Wow! This is a tremendous resource containing online activities, multi-level WebQuests, activities for K - 2, and lots more. Check this one out.

Zoom Dinosaurs- This site explores all aspects of dinosaurs and includes graphics, facts, games, puzzles, and more. The easy-to-understand graphics and detailed information make this useable for all grade levels.

Download a Dinosaur- Complete a dinosaur unit when you use these easy-to-make paper dinosaur designs that you print from the site, cut, fold and paste.

Sue at the Field Museum- Learn about Sue, a large and well-preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex. Find facts and figures, skull development, speculation about life, and a neat area for kids that includes puzzles and activities.

Dino Directory- Select a country or period to find detailed statistics and illustrations of dinosaurs from that area and time.