Exworthy Educational Resources

General Animal Sites

Animals of the World Scavenger Hunt- Here are two levels, beginning and advanced, of scavenger hunts. Students discover where a variety of animals live.

Catalogue of Life-  Search for any plant or animal in their huge database.

Invertebrate Diversity- High school webquest that provides students the opportunity to view and compare the various groups of Invertebrates.

Wonderful World of Invertebrates - Find general information and links to more related to the classes of invertebrates.

Natural Perspective- Here are photos and a few paragraphs describing the classes of invertebrates.

Amazing Animals Webquest- This webquest, designed for 3rd grade, contains the resources, worksheets, and extra activities for a full teaching unit on animals.

Animal Diversity Web-  Browse the animal kingdom for general information related to each classification group; find one page for each.

BioZone-  This is a huge collection of annotated links organized by behavior, biology, diversity, ecology, evolution, health, genetics, space, resource management, plants, projects, and tons more.

World Wildlife Fund- Here is the Online version of the Ranger Rick magazine. Younger students can learn about wildlife, take a cool tour of various biomes, or play a bunch of animal games.

Natural History Museums and Collections- This is a very complete collection of online natural history museums, organized by geographical area.

Animals- This Homework Central site provides elementary students with links to information and photos about many different animal groupings.

The Wild Habitat- This great "ThinkQuest" project explores animals from the mountains, grassland, rainforest, and woodland biomes.