Exworthy Educational Resources

Various Animals

The Adventures of Herman- Primary and elementary students will learn about the earth worm, its history, anatomy, biology, and more at this animated site.

Australian Animals- Here is easy-to-read information and photos on all of the animals of Australia, perfect for a special ed class. 

Creature Features- Great for younger kids, this site has photos, video, audio, fun facts, and more for almost every animal.

Worm World-  Here is a fun site for elementary students. Learn all about earthworms, even take a slimy quiz! Maybe your class will think of some great worm science fair projects. 

Ettamogah- Elementary students learning about Australian animals will enjoy maps, coloring pictures, word searches and information about the animals found at the Ettamogah park.  

Switcheroo Zoo- This fun site allows students to "morph" various animals and their body parts to create weird combinations, while learning basic animal facts along the way. Find related lesson plans, too.

The Interactive Guide to Massachusetts Snakes- Using 14 Massachusetts snakes, this hyperlinked study is interesting, straightforward, and a good introduction to the basics of biological classification.

House Rabbit Society- Here is the site to learn everything about rabbits. Visitors will find all of the most important areas of rabbit care including litter-training, diet, housing, chewing, and aggression. There are photos, tips and lots of information here.

eNature- Here are field and habitat guides that present information and photos of animals and a variety of biomes.

Desert Animals and Wildlife- Grouped by animal type, students will find information about just about any animal that lives in the deserts of the U.S.