Exworthy Educational Resources


Teaching People Plant Collecting- Use all the steps field-biologists use when collecting.

Barry Rice's Carnivorous Plants- Find photos and information on carnivorous plants.

Plant of the week- Great for showing the characteristics of each plant family, find searchable photos and information by family, species, and common name.

USDA Plant Database- Search for common or scientific names or by state to find photos and information about native plants.

Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery- Organized by type, common name, scientific name, and family index, this site allows users to find photos and information on most plants.

Virtual Cell- The site is a collection of still images, movies and information about the structure and functioning of a typical plant cell. It is targeted for upper elementary through high school students.

The Virtual Cell- To help students better understand the layout and structure of a cell, this site has created a VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) model of a regular cell. There is a downloadable animation showing cell activity.