Exworthy Educational Resources

Biology- Teaching Resources

Science Grades 6-8- Here are some projects and PowerPoint presentations related to a variety of science topics, great for the classroom.

3 Beam Scale Introduction-This is an interactive tutorial on how to use a triple beam scale.

The Microscope- This is an interactive tutorial on how to use a microscope.

Biology Lessons for New and Practicing Teachers- Here are sequential skill development lessons, teacher guides, alternative ideas, and more related to biology and cell studies, with ideas for all grade levels.

Biology Project- Useable in High School, the University of Arizona presents information about biochemistry, cells, chemicals, immunology, genetics, and human and molecular biology.

Biology Flash Animations- Find animations related to high school level and above biology concepts and topics. 

Strange Science- This site offers the strange and unusual beliefs scientists held to explain biology and paleontology in the past.

Access Excellence-  Collaborate with biology experts, find lessons and activities, and learn the latest biology news here. 

Biophysical Chronology- This upper level high school site enables a student to begin over six thousand years ago, with the astronomical measurement of time by the Egyptians, moving then forward in time through dozens of inventions and breakthroughs, finishing with the discovery of the top quark in 1995. The majority of the topics on the chronology are interactive, so you can go deeper into most subjects.