Exworthy Educational Resources


Mr. Guch's Cavalcade o' Chemistry- This High School teacher has created a great resource for chemistry students. It includes tutorials, homework assignments, a help desk, and links to resources.

Chemicool- This great resource has a periodic table, chemistry dictionary and chemistry tools.

The Atom's Family- This site contains hands on activities about energy concepts, the power of the sun, energy conservation, energy transformation, electricity and fossil fuels.

General Organic and BioChemistry- This site explains the basics of biochemistry in understandable step-by-step pictures.

Essential Chemistry Flash Animations- Find 21 different narrated animations that depict a variety of chemistry concepts. 

BioChem Hub- Find lots of BioChem stuff here.

General Chemistry Online- Here is a high school level interactive course containing guides and tutorials, an exam survival guide, reference tables, self-grading quizzes and exams, a searchable glossary, a question & answer board, answers to over 300 frequently asked questions, and a chemical trivia quiz.

The PHFactor- This comic style site teaches everything about acids and bases, great for elementary and middle school students. Find teaching tips here.

The Periodic Table of Comic Books- Students can click on an element to see a list of comic book pages involving that element. Click on a thumbnail on the list to see a full comic book page with information.

ChemMystery- This ThinkQuest project is a virtual chemistry textbook that provides an interactive guide for high school chemistry students.

The Comic Book Periodic Table- Chemistry students can learn the table of periodic elements through comic book characters. Click on an element and see that element depicted in comic book form. It is fun and informative.

HyperChemistry- Here is a history of Chemistry, hands-on activities, an interactive periodic table, and glossary of terms. This is a great resource.

Chem4Kids- This site's text and graphics makes learning Chemistry easy. Find detailed information organized by matter, atoms, elements, reactions, and math.