Exworthy Educational Resources


Desert Life- Here is the environmental and geological information related to the desert areas of southwest America.

Tour of Biomes- Elementary and older students can learn about the Earth's major biomes, answering the question," Why don't people living in south
Texas have to be on the lookout for polar bears."

Rocky Mountain National Park- See pictures, learn about hiking, discover facts and photos of animals, and lots more related to the Rocky Mountains.

The Great Lakes- An Environmental and Resource Book-The five major sections of this online reference book provide: detailed description of the natural processes of the lakes, description of peoples from the earliest natives to urbanization and industrialization, present concerns for the lake, and a look at the future.

Arctic Theme Page- Here is a huge collection of links to everything related to the Arctic, from animals to climate to native peoples.

Glacier- Learn great information about the Antarctic weather, glacial properties, oceanography, and life conditions for scientists working there.

Alaska- Here is an annotated list of links to resources covering the natural habitats of Alaska. Alaska Studies: Teacher's Toolbox contain tons of resources for studying Alaska.

Wild World- Here are eco-regions and maps depicting the biological diversity of the earth. Find complete lesson plans for educators.

The World's biomes- Rainforest, Tundra, Grassland, Temperate, Desert, Freshwater, and Ocean biomes are explored in detail at this informative and easy to understand site.

Biomes of the World- All of the earth's major biomes are briefly described here.

Biomes and Habitats- This site is wonderfully organized using tables, graphics, and information for teaching younger students.

The World's Biomes-   More easy to grasp information is here.

The Virtual Cave- . This site tells the story of caves in words and pictures: what's in them and how it got there. Find information and photos of Solution Caves, Lava Tube Caves, Sea Caves and Erosional Caves.

Build-A-Prairie- Here is an interactive game which
lets you restore the prairie. Find information on prairie plants, birds, insects, and mammals,  as well
as Quicktime movies and VR panoramas of prairies.