Exworthy Educational Resources


National Earthquake Information Center - Students will find a listing of seismic events over the past 3 days, including date, location, and magnitude of each quake. Click on each listing , and map showing the location appears.

NASA's Continents - This page contains links to a variety of information. Continents in Collision is the same page with more information.

USGS Earthquake Information- Students can find information about earthquakes, safety issues, and recent tremblers.

From Pangaea to the Present- This is a slide show explaining continental drift.

Earthquakes 101- Infoplease provides this wonderful slideshow explaining earthquakes, faults, tectonics, and more.

Earthquakes For Kids- Here is an earthquake information resource and lesson ideas for teachers.

National Earthquake Information Center- Part of the USGS, this page contains detailed information regarding the location of recent earthquakes around the globe.  Students can plot the locations on a map and study the area as an integration exercise.

Soil Liquefaction Website- Here are photos, videos and information related to earthquakes and soil liquefaction, useful for upper students.

Comprehending Geologic Time- This page contains a calculator that provides understandable metaphors measuring beginning geologic time and the introduction of humans.

Surfing the Internet for Earthquake Data - This site contains hundreds of links to seismic data.

National Earthquakes Hazards Program-   Find maps of recent earthquakes from USGS, preparedness information, seismic information, teaching resources, and more.

Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift- Here is a huge list of annotated links to resources for earthquakes and volcanoes. 

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