Exworthy Educational Resources

General Environmental Issues and Information

PlanetPals Earthzone- Here is a graphically rich, entertaining, and interactive site for students that is related to earth studies and environmental health.

Kid's Planet- Wow! Here is a super animated site containing lots of great lessons, activities, and information.

Scorecard- Type in any zip code and immediately receive  a list of the most polluting companies in that area. It includes the types of pollutants that are found there, as well as provides the address to write or link to for complaints.

EarthTrends- Wow! This site provides statistical data organized by energy, food, demographics, etc. Find all of the data here for your research projects.

Pop goes Antartica- A team of scientists from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science  is studying the presence
of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the Antarctic.

Earthsite- Here is the Earthday founder's site containing interesting environmental essays for high school students to debate and discuss.

Millennium, The Physical World - National Geographic spotlights critical issues that effect the world of the 21st Century. Environmental topics vary from global warming to crime. The site invites you to explore the Earth, examine the atmosphere around us, and share your thoughts with the online audience. This is appropriate for advanced middle school and high school students.

Biomimicry-Find a great "Flash" presentation related to how nature adapts itself to the environment.