Exworthy Educational Resources

Projects For Helping The Earth

Ways to Help the Environment- This student-developed site provides constructive ways that all of us can use to help the environment.

Project Environment- Kids in Action- Here are three ThinkQuest projects: Activities and experiments that promote environmental health, Environmental Info, and Dream House, where high school students design an earth-friendly home. Join in or develop your own similar project.

EPA's Explorer's Club- Younger students can learn about recycling, air and water quality, you and the environment, and plants and animals.

Garbage- How can my community reduce waste?- This Annenburg site provides interesting information and activities for students of all ages. This excellent Website about garbage has an interesting interactive challenge called Shrinking a Landfill. It contains facts and figures as well as encourages visitors to post possible solutions.

The Evergreen Project has environmental projects for primary, elementary, and middle school students. 

Envirolink- Here is a complete site from North Carolina that includes environmental education, how to get involved, major issues, events and more.

Learning Web- K-12 students can explore things on, in, around, and about the Earth such as plants and animals, land, water, and maps. This site hosts a great project involving high school students comparing ecosystems between people and the environment in three regions of the United States. It has lots of lessons and activities for teachers, also.

Sierra Student Coalition- An offspring of the Sierra Club, this site provides environmental issue information to students. Students can hook up to a nationwide network of student environmentalists and have access to the people and tools you need to launch campaigns, recruit new members, and have a great time saving the planet.