Exworthy Educational Resources

Construction and Forms

Build a Bridge- Study four types of bridge structures, match bridge construction to sites, and find teacher guides here.

YesMag Projects- This is a geat list of hands-on projects for students to become involved in. Find paper airplanes, geodesic domes, pasta creations, helicopters, bridges, and more. 

STJ Science- This collection of resources contains lesson plans for elementary school through high school classes. Students from other schools are invited to share the results of the experiments and activities on this site.

Build the Best Paper Airplane- Pictures, designs and instructions for building a DC3 paper airplane are here.

Build a Tall Tower- Using the listed materials, grades 4-8 are invited to build a tower.

Zoo Machines- Elementary students can design, invent, label, and write about  a machine that will take care of animals in a zoo. Students can view other's inventions and post their own creation.