Exworthy Educational Resources

Activities for Elementary Students

The Thinking Fountain- This site has some great hands-on science activities and related links for younger kids. This is a great resource for elementary classrooms.

Ms. Lee's Kindergarten Experiments with Science-  Find activities and photos from Ms. Lee's class studying topics related to volume, colors, fire, molecules, and more. 

Kid's Science Projects- Here is a list, complete with detailed plans and organized by difficulty, for science projects.

ScienceBob- Teachers will find some great, simple, elementary hands on activities for the classroom, as well as follow-up sheets for each topic.

RAFT Idea Sheets- Find lots of hands-on,  creative lessons to make learning fun and exciting! Each Idea will enhance your students' learning experience in the areas of science, math, art and beyond.

Cool Science for Curious Kids- Cool experiments for elementary kids involving plants and animals are here.

Project Smart 96- Find classroom activities related to machines.

Helping Your Child Learn Science- Find tons of hands-on science activities for pre-school and elementary students.

Mad Scientist Experiments 2000- Here are elementary hands-on science experiments, complete with hypothesis, detailed directions, and results.

Yuckiest Site on the Web-  Now here's the place for kids to learn science! It includes all of the grossest stuff that they will love to learn about. Zits, puss, bugs, earwax and more!

The Exploratorium Science Snacks- Here are lots of easily conducted activities that demonstrate a scientific principle.

Early Elementary Lessons- Here are great hands on lessons in Astronomy, Physical Science, Chemistry, and Technology.

YesMag Projects provides some good hand's on activities to use in the elementary classroom.

Biological Timing Online Science Experiments- Containing specific experiments for students K-8, visitors can view live images and actual experiment results, analyze real-time data, form hypotheses, suggest variables for new experiments, and share conclusions with other scientists from all over the world.