Exworthy Educational Resources


Simple Machine Page for Kids-Elementary students can read short descriptions about pulleys, incline planes, the wedge, and more. Basic information can be found at Simple Machines.

Serious Lego- Find photos, inventor's notes, and project description of robotic Lego creations.

Work is Simple With Simple Machines- is info and similar links for kids to learn about work and force.

Simple Machines Thinkquest- Here is a great place for students to learn about and watch animated simple machines. Introduction to Simple Machines provides lots of links to resources.

Simple Machines, Webquest- is a project involving students learning and inventing machines.

Dirtmeister's Report- Kids can complete this report after observing a variety of simple machines.

Motion, Energy, and Simple Machines- Here is a detailed 8th grade and above  unit containing activities and investigations of  Newton's Laws of Motion and the concepts of potential and kinetic energy.

Inventor's Toolbox: Simple Machines- Here are brief descriptions and photos of most common machine mechanisms.

Moving Along with Simple Machines- This is a very complete elementary/middle school-level,  four week, cross-curricular unit that explores simple machines. This is great!

The Exploratorium's Science of Cycling- This award winning site relates science to cycling, investigating such areas as gear ratios, wheel dynamics, brake designs, frames and steering, aerodynamics and the efficiency of human power. Exploratorium's related site, Sport Science , relates aspects of many sports to science.