Exworthy Educational Resources

Illness and Disease

Live Healthier, Live Longer- Coronary heart disease is explained and resources are available here.

An Introduction to Skin Cancer- This page provides a general introduction to Skin Cancer, with links to specific information available around the Net. Learn the causes and preventions of skin cancer and find the daily UV index for  major U.S. cities.

EPA Sunwise School Program- Teachers can receive information on how to teach elementary students about the dangers of sun exposure here. 

BandAids and Blackboards- This site is dedicated to children suffering from chronic illnesses. It provides stories, impact from teasing, sibling attitudes,  and physical conditions as told from the child's perspective. Teacher resources, too.

Scar Tissue: Alzheimer's Slick "Flash" animations teach you what it is, how to treat, how to live with it, 

Lab Tests Online- Organized by test, this site provides helpful background for understanding why a health test might be given and how to interpret its results - useful as a reference for research.

Center For Disease Control Click on hundreds of searchable Health related topics and diseases to find thousands of related informational links. 

Kids Learn About Diabetes- Designed for upper elementary and middle school, here is an online tutorial relating the facts about this pancreatic disease. It contains interesting spot quizzes that keep the students on task.