Exworthy Educational Resources

Suicide, Mental Health, Violence, Tough Issues

Check out Suicide Prevention or Teen Suicide if you are suicidal or know someone who is.

Cyke- Primary and elementary students can explore this interactive zone that teaches feelings and how to deal with depression, anger, dependency, and more.

Mental Health Net- This site is an online reference to mental disorders and contains links to related sites, information by disorder, books, discussion forums and lots of information for high school students.

Talking With Kids About The Tough Issues- Students, parents, and teachers can find information, tips, and resources about HIV and AIDS, sex, violence, drugs, and alcohol.

Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center- This site contains current research, statistics, information on community organizations, policies, intervention programs, strategies for avoidance, school-based projects, and more.

Center for the Prevention of School Violence- This site offers statistics, information, program assistance, and research about school violence prevention.

Warning Signs- This site provides youth with information about identifying the warning signs of violent behavior and describes how to get help if they recognize these signs in themselves or their peers.

Check Your Self Esteem- This online survey provides students with an index for analyzing their self esteem, very useful when discussing suicide and drug use. The Self Esteem Test provides a similar service.

National School Safety Center- This site trains educators, law enforcers and other youth-serving professionals in the area of school crime prevention and safe school planning.

Keep Schools Safe- This site addresses crisis situations, parent strategies, teacher and student strategies, in dealing with drugs, school violence, conflicts, and weapons. Find a model school program here.