Exworthy Educational Resources


Nutrition Calculator- Enter all types of foods or fast food item and find the true nutritional value. This is great for inclusion into a unit study!

Nutrition Explorations- With a section for everyone, parents, teachers, and students will find learning activities, information, games, recipes, puzzles, and lots more at this site.

10 Tips to Healt

hy Eating and Physical Acitivity- Here is a food pyramid and 10 easy to read tips for a healthy life.

The Food Guide Pyramid- Here is another graphic food pyramid that contains lots of nutrition related information.

Food Guide Pyramid- Teachers can use this site's game as a presentation and find lots of information for elementary students. 

Australian Canned Food-There's history, recipes, nutrition, food sensitivity guides, how cans are made, and  food safety.

Kid's Food CyberClub - Here are great lessons, links and games to make learning about food fun for elementary aged kids.  The site provides teacher and parent teaching guides.

The Healthy Fridge- This site will provide healthy eating and nutrition information for students of any age. Appropriate for elementary aged students, information about your heart, nutrition and tips to a healthy lifestyle is here.

Dole 5 a Day- Here is a neat site for younger students who are learning about nutrition and health. There are areas for school, fun stuff and nutrition information.

The Food Timeline- From the year 17000B.C to present, here is the history of food. Find lesson plans and tons of resources useful for teaching nutrition and social studies.