Exworthy Educational Resources


USFA's Kid's Page-Find kid's information and games.

Kid's Fire Safety Page-

Children's Fire Safety Tips- Lots of fire safety resources are here.

Safety House- This is a model home of safety.

Fire Safety- Complete primary age unit activities are here.

Smokey Kids- Learn about the forest, find fire facts, and play games at Smokey the Bear's site.

LifeGuarding- Here are links to related resources for teen lifeguards.

Propelled by Pedals- Learn bicycle safety, stunts, tricks, nutrition, how to choose a bike, and more.

Sparky the FireDog- Here's everything you need to learn about preparing for and escaping from a home fire. A curriculum and activities are provided.

National Fire Prevention Association-  Sparky the fire dog teaches children fire safety. 

Safety City-   Lesson plans, games, puzzles, activities, and safety related information for young students fill this great site.

M&O School Bus Safety- Younger students can learn the rules, take a quiz, and play related games here.