Exworthy Educational Resources

General Ocean Information

Ocean.com- This is a general information site with lots of graphics and information related to ocean travel, gallery, conservation, sports, and more.

Canada's Aquatic Environments- Find photos, information, animations, maps and more related to the habitats, animals, plants, and human interactions in Canada. This is a great resource for researching Canada.

The Sea-  Here is Cousteau's Website for students of any age who want to learn about ocean life. There are photos, sealab information, sea games, ocean life resources and more!

Student's Sea of Knowledge- Find resources for students and teachers here.

Sea Web- This is a webzine containing research and global ocean information, useable for student research projects.

Pacific Ocean- This ThinkQuest has information about Hawaii and its surrounding waters. Colorful pictures and descriptions of the ocean's birds, fish, mammals, and plants are available, as well as information on El Nino, ring of fire, and more. 

Ocean Mystery and Legend- Students will find many links related to the Bermuda Triangle, The Lost Civilization of Atlantis, and Pirates.

Oceans Alive- Students will find great information about the oceans near Australia, the whales, kelp forests, tidepools, Aussie school projects,

Ocean Adventure- Find lessons and projects related to the exploration of hydrothermal vents in the sunless depths of the world's oceans.

Ocean Planet- This is an electronic online exhibition containing text and most of the panel designs and images found in the Smithsonian traveling exhibition, Ocean Planet. Family activities, information sheets and classroom lessons are available. This is a great resource.

Planet Ocean- Find graphics and information on the ocean, blue whale, barracuda, tubeworm, teaching tips, and more. Lots of similar links are available.

Ocean Link- This is a full site complete with links to information about ocean life, aquatic facts, careers, eco-adventures, student projects, ask an oceanographer, and more!

Voyage to the Deep- Explore the ocean depths and learn about seafloor geology, strange animals, chemistry, and the exotic tools used to examine the ocean.