Exworthy Educational Resources


My Own Physics Humor- Links to high school physics sites and lots of interesting topics such as, the worst cheaters, physics song book, physics cartoons, and errors in text books completes this "break in the action" site.

The Physics Classroom- Find a physics tutorial, animations that show concepts, and help for graphing problems, recognizing forces, identifying vector magnitude and direction, and practice vector addition.

DC Physics Humor

The Physics Zone- Wow! This resource contains lessons, solutions, and many "shockwave" animations, organized by motion, forces, waves, and more.

Physics Flash Animations- Find animations related to Boyle's Law, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, lens optics, micrometer caliper, oscilloscope, quantum mechanics, relativity, sound, and more. 

Online Experiments- Students can engage in experiments right now, organized by common household items, computer, and shockwave experiments.  Computer Animated Physics- Students will find animated explanations here.

Explore Science- Find shockwave animations describing building blocks hisogram construction, velocity, acceleration, inertia, wave motion, electricity, magnetism, light and color, gravity, vision, snowflakes, and more.

Virtual Labs and Simulations- Many simulations explore the attributes of light and color.

The Fear of Physics- This great site teaches physics concepts through animation simulations, a great non-technical way to understand Sound, Collisions, Relativity, Atoms, and Zero G. It's fun, too. 

A Century of Physics- This site contains a timeline highlighting the development of Physics and extraordinary discoveries of the time.

Skateboard Science- This fun and educational site explores the physics behind many current skateboard tricks.

Snow Crystals- This site explores the historical and current science of photographing snowflakes, while also examining the detailed physics of their creation.

Amusement Park Physics- Students can learn about various amusement park rides and how physics is involved in their development. It contains some experiments and a glossary.

The Physics of Amusement Parks- Graphic animations explain the physics of falling, turning, and floating, complete with a quiz.

Roller Coaster Physics for Middle and High School Students-This project encompasses three main activities: a scavenger hunt covering many different facts about roller coasters, an experiment to determine the best materials and design for speed, and construction of a model.  

Exploring Emergence- High school students can view Java animations representing how things are perceived and attempt to construct a stable environment. This is definitely thought provoking and amazing.

Antimatter: Mirror of the Universe- All grade levels can find information, information, history, and experiments related to antimatter. 

Physics 2000- This site uses Java applets that describe Einstein's legacy, microwave ovens, CAT scans, lasers, TV screens, atomic principles, electromagnetic waves, and more.

The Virtual Laboratory- This is a giant collection of animated applets that visualize simple and high level physics properties.

Interactive Physics and Math with Java- Here are Java animations demonstrating many physics principles including pendulum, bouncing balls, lasers, light, and more.

Physics Central- Tons of information and some wonderful links to more resources, organized by level of understanding, can be found here.