Exworthy Educational Resources

The Earth

Earth View Expert- Students of any age can view the earth from any latitude and longitude, with or without cloud cover, from the moon or the sun, and day or night.

Earth from Space - Here are the astronauts views of earth from over 250,000 images taken during shuttle missions of everything from regions and weather patterns to actual human interactions!

Earth and Sky- Popular science and astronomy topics are presented weekly on Real Audio or local radio stations. The teacher's section offers advice, lesson plans, activities, and contests related to the information presented. The activities are suitable for all levels.

Imaging the Earth- This site offers hands on activities for upper elementary through high school students. Visitors can learn more about satellite technology, globes, maps, and navigation. This is a great hands on  idea resource for teachers, also.

Earth and Moon Viewer - Amazing for any age, this site provides computer images of the earth and moon.  Visitors can customize the views of these planets.

Windows to Universe - This is a Web-site that spans the Earth and Space sciences and includes a rich array of documents, including images, movies, animations, and data sets, that explore the Earth and Space sciences and the historical and cultural ties between science, exploration, and the human experience.  It is a graphically rich site with lots of information about all aspects of Space. It is a great resource for teachers and students.