Exworthy Educational Resources

Observation and Space Exploration

The Satellite Site- High school students interested in learning about space satellites, their uses, and how to build them will find everything they need here.

Celestia- a free, real-time, download program space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions. 

Astronomy Picture of the Day- Search here to find pictures, animations, and related information for any topic chosen.

Ambit's Live Space Cams- See NASA's live imagery from space. KSC Video Feeds contains similar imagery.

Chabot Space- Visit this observatory and find astrophotographs, views of the observatory and telescopes, and discover the constellations here. This is a great resource and contains wonderful links for teachers and students.

Celestia-  Celestia is a free download real-time space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions. 

NASA's Multimedia Gallery- Here is a great site when designing presentations for classroom projects. Students will find photos, audio clips, videos, and drawings from a variety of space missions.

Sprocket Works- Space- This java site accurately depicts the night sky, the moon, and satellites through animation. The night sky shows star constellations.

Satellite photos are at JSC Imagery Service.

Absolute Beginners Astronomy and Telescopes- Any middle and high school student interested in purchasing a telescope will need to read this very informative page.

Live from the Hubble Space Telescope- This site has areas for the background information, live video, image gallery, and latest news about the Hubble Telescope. Kid's Corner has participating classrooms and projects, puzzles, quizzes and games. The teacher lounge contains additional information, lessons and planning curriculum guides.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Hubble- Here is a live feed (when operational) and answers to questions by astronauts.

Hubble Space Telescope- Here is a complete resource for teachers and students, complete with Hubble background information, planet information, images and projects.

Space Scientists Online- This site provides the educational community information from space science projects such as Online Jupiter and Live from the Hubble Space Telescope. It features biographical information, chat sessions, field journals and background information related to space scientists.

Ask a High-Energy Astronomer- Ask NASA scientists questions related to Mars, Space Shuttle missions, The Universe, and more. High School level questions can be answered at this Ask An Astronomer.

Learning to Fly - The history, technology, imagination, invention and evolution of aviation is presented here. You can meet the famous people associated with aeronautics and see different craft first hand.

Galileo Probe-  The Galileo Project was a NASA unmanned mission to explore the planet Jupiter and its surrounding moons and magnetosphere. This site offers background information and research results of the mission. Lessons are available for teachers and advanced students grades 9-12.

Online From Jupiter- Elementary students can learn about the Galileo Project and Jupiter; teacher resources provided.

Project Galileo- This is the NASA site for Galileo, a mission to Jupiter. The K-12 page contains lots of activities for students.

Cassini, Mission to Saturn- This is the NASA site for Cassini, a mission to explore Saturn. The site contains mission information, the science behind the mission, a kids page, images and video.

Deep Space 1- Track the progress of a deep space explorer and find resources for teachers and students related to the latest and most advanced technologies being developed for use on space missions of the future.

Human SpaceFlight- This is the latest news, history, and information on space exploration, the shuttle missions, and the space station.