Exworthy Educational Resources

Stars, Comets and Asteroids

Astronomy Picture of the Day- Here are daily pictures of the Cosmos, complete with explanations and information that can be used as a daily lesson filler for high school classrooms. Archives are here, also.

Sea and Sky-  Students of all ages will enjoy this cyber-journey exploring the ocean and the stars. Graphically rich and full of information, this is a great resource.

Galactic Sky Charts- Visitors can select a latitude to display the star charts for any location along that latitude. There is a planet finder and links to other great sites, too!

Interactive Sky Charts- Click on a constellation and view a Java animation depicting the starry sky.

The Sky- Here are images, information, links, games and other resources related to the cosmos. 

Comet Impact Simulations- Here are animations from a variety of views depicting the impact of a comet upon the earth, very interesting and shows scale and potential devastation.

Build Your Own Comet- Designed for elementary students, but useable with any age, this site contains the recipe and directions for making a comet here on earth. Visitors will also find tips for introducing this activity to the classroom, comet facts and other links.

Black Holes and Neutron Stars- The descriptions and MPEG movies of black holes  are scientifically accurate and visually amazing, designed for upper grade levels.

Stars- This student designed, award winning, site contains two areas, one for kids under 13 and the other for olders students and teachers. Both are filled with great information, animations, guides, and lessons. It is great!

The Leonids, Live- Here is current news, photos, videos, and information about previous and future asteroids, appropriate for guided elementary and older students.

ANSMET- Related to space somewhat, this site holds the interesting story and photo documentation of exploration teams in Antarctica in search of meteorites.

Small Bodies- Pictures and information about asteroids and comet particles can be found here at this NASA site.

Aurora Borealis- Learn about the Aurora Borealis sightings and forecasts. Various Aurora maps and images are here, including images taken from the space shuttle. The Northern Lights even make a noise!!