Exworthy Educational Resources

Science- Teaching Resources

Science Benchmarks- Here are the grade-level requirements and expectations for math and science topics, concepts, and themes.

Science Animations-Find many "Flash" Science Animations and movies that depict science concepts, organized by anatomy, physiology, biology, animals, plants, ecology, microbiology, astronomy, geology, and physics. 

Instructional Materials in Science Education- Many annotated science links organized by topics including grants, projects, shareware, links by science subject, publications and lots more are here.

Schools Online- Here are science units for varying grade levels and science topics.

Games for the Science Curriculum- Here are Word and PowerPoint templates for playing interactive, science-related games with your class.

Deb's Science Lessons- Here are links to science lessons, organized by grade level.  

Genscope- This download program provides teachers and learners with a new tool that enables students to investigate scientific and mathematical concepts through direct manipulation and experimentation.

Science Made Simple- Elementary students will get great projects & experiments and clear, detailed answers to common science questions. Science Made Simple is designed to cover a wide range of ages, from about 5 to 13. Each issue has several different sections, written at different levels of difficulty and depth.

The Science Spot- Find lessons, project ideas, daily trivia, puzzles, teaching tips, and lots more. 

Virtual Laboratory- Here are fully interactive experiments that can pour important foundations for beginning high school and college science students. There are eight experiments already, and more to come -- promised by John Hopkins University, where this Website originates.

Visual Science- This Site allows students and teachers to interact with basic and complex scientific principles. It contains principles from life science, mechanics, and general principles. Appropriate for high school, but useable with younger kids, as well, this Site requires the Shockwave plugin.

Education Cam- This is the source for interactive teaching. Gain first hand knowledge from real-time images of places related to science.

Science SCORE- Here is a great resource for students and teachers who are looking for great science links. Kid's Corner has science links with brief descriptions; Teacher's Place has links to great sites, science lessons and collaborative projects. Search by subject and/or grade level for even more resources. Ask and expert tops the site off!