Exworthy Educational Resources

Weather Information

Weather- What Forces Affect our Weather? Find information about the atmosphere, water cycle, storms, forecasting and more here.

TimeTemperature.com- This nice collection of resources contains Weather Calculators - NOAA Education Resources - Coastal Water Temps
Satellite Images - Current Temperatures - International Weather - Time of Day and lots more.

Winter Weather Awareness- Find winter storm facts, safety, information and more.

JPL Clouds- Here is information, graphics and activities appropriate for upper elementary and older students that cover clouds, Earth's energy balance, and the water cycle.

All About Snow- This site covers great FAQ's and provides lots of information.

National Data Buoy Center- What causes our seasons? What causes ocean waves? What are tides? These and seven other subjects are explained and illustrated in Webpages from the National Data Buoy Center

The Weather Room -Weather Channel Online provides local and regional weather,  information regarding natural catastrophe preparation, local travel conditions and more.

National Weather Service- The Weather Service provides weather and flood warnings, public forecasts and advisories for all of the United States, its territories, adjacent waters and ocean areas, primarily for the protection of life and property. Visitors will find current weather and general weather information here.