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ASL Lessons/ Dictionaries     ASL Language Research

ASL Fingerspelling- See photos of the alphabet handshapes and animate the hand to see any word fingerspelled. Find quizzes, also. 

Deaf CS Home- Find applications that provide ASL signs, math concepts interpretations, signs for interpreters, and lots more here!

American Sign Language Browser- Thousands of ASL signs are organized alphabetically and include descriptions and videos representing the signs.

SignHear Communication Center- This site is designed to teach basic American Sign Language (ASL) across the Internet.  It contains lots of great links to other Deaf resources and general information, also.

Learning Tutor- Find background cultural information and illustrated sign samples, organized by topics. 

A Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms-  Here is a searchable listing of commonly used ASL signs, organized alphabetically. The handshapes and movements are described in detail and an animation is available, but Apple's Quicktime Plugin is required.

Some Sign Language Alphabets From Around the World

Handspeak-Find research and information on visual languages.