Exworthy Educational Resources

Deaf Culture

Cindy's Homepage on ASL and Deaf Culture- Here is a well done site containing information on Deaf culture, interpreting, ASL, opinions, and lots more.

Deaf Biographies- This site provides a worksheet and links to biographies of famous Deaf people. 

Deaf Webquest- This project asks students to research the Deaf Bill of Rights and Gallaudet protest.

Deaf Digest- Barrry Strassler presents this monthly newsletter.

Hearing Loss Association- This organization does a good job of meeting its goal of opening the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support and advocacy.

Training and Advocacy Groups (TAG)- This organization brings together groups of 8-12 DHH students for socialization and and workshops on self-esteem and high school graduation.

Joey Baer's ASL VLOG- Find commentaries on the current and past topics related to ASL, education, social, and more.

History Through Deaf Eyes-  Gallaudet University presents this online exhibition depicting the history of Deaf Culture through Civil Rights, war and post war, oral approach, age of choices, and community formation. 

Hearing Loss Web- Tons of resources related to employment, amplification, and communication are here.

The Silent World- This site contains some nice poetry about Deafness, as well as some good general information about ASL and more.

The Sounds of Silence- This student-developed "ThinkQuest" project provides great information about being deaf. The causes of deafness, what sign language is, and how to live with deafness are explained in full. This is an excellent resource for students and teachers.

Deaf Resources- Order "I Love You" hand stationary, shirts, books, blankets, pens and related things here.

Christmas Carol Sheets- Here are the lyrics to many Christmas songs, great for teaching sign songs during the holidays. 

Deaf Culture and Sign Languages of the Global Village- Deaf cultures and the variety of sign lanuages from around the world are described here. Find information about ASL and links to similar sites here. This is an excellent resource- and student-developed!

KODA- Kids of Deaf Adults- Issues, information, and current events related to children of Deaf adults can be found here.  Find more info here about Evelyn Glennie, the deaf drummer at DrummerWorld.

Deafness in Disguise- This is a fascinating look at the history of hearing devices.