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Needs Outreach- Check here first!!! This is a wonderful resource complete with ASL education signs video library, current legislation information, career prep, family support, education,  recreation, and lots more!

Mainstreaming Vrs. Exclusion- This student-developed "ThinkQuest" Site explores the controversy between educating deaf students in regular education vrs. residential environments.

Mainstreaming the Student Who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing- This is a detailed guide for educators.

California Guidelines for DHH Programs- This PDF contains recommended guidelines for parents, teachers, administrators, governing boards, support personnel, other interagency personnel, and interested community representatives to use in identifying, assessing, planning, and providing appropriate educational services to all children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

California Dept of Education- New laws related to DHH education are here.

Mainstreaming the DHH Student- Although dated, the information here covers many topics.

Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center- Find information on literacy, products, Deaf news, transition, training, and lots more here!

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School- Here is the site for Gallaudet University's demonstration elementary school. The school' s history, programs, students, calendar, and general information is here

Deaf Education -This giant resource contains links to jobs, bulletin boards, grants, teacher education programs, and lots more!

National Technical Institute for the Deaf-  Find links to Deaf Chat as well as general university information.

Missouri School for the Deaf- Learn about the school and find some good links to resources here.

National Association of State Directors of Special Education- Find links to organizations and interpreter assessment forms, assessment tools, and lots more that teachers will use at IEP's

Post Secondary Education Program- PEPnet- This organization provides resources, information, in-service training, and expertise to enhance educational opportunities for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families.

RIT EYF Program- This is a six-day career exploration program at Rochester Institute of Technology for college-bound high school students with hearing loss who will begin their junior or senior year in fall 2010.

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Itinerant Resources

Considerations to Determine DHH Itinerant Services- Here is a checklist with detailed descriptions of each criteria.

The Itinerant Connection- This is the place to find tons of links to information!

DHH Itinerant- This site contains the tools needed to effectively do the job. Find forms, letters, info and more related to performing DHH Itinerant duties.

Itinerant Teacher Cory Hoffman Links- An Itinerant teacher provides some cool educational and other links related to Deaf Education.

Educational APPS Review- Teachers provide critical analysis of a huge host of currently available education-related apps

Karen Anderson AUD- Find links to assessment instruments here.

Deaf/HOH Meeting Place- Here are lots of links to valuable information for the DHH itinerant teacher.

RIT Working with a Deaf Person- Find tips for one to one, group, and workplace communication, accommodations, and more. Great for using with mainstream teachers.

Assessment and Impact of Unilateral Hearing Loss- This article discusses the impact and remediation of unilateral hearing loss, could be provided to teachers or parents as background information.

Literature Review of Unilateral Hearing Loss- This paper contains facts related to right side hearing loss.

Hearing Journey- This resource is full of habilitation activities, ideas, and support for the development of language skills in children, adolescents, and adults. Lots of resources for CI students are here.

Training and Advocacy Groups (TAG)- This organization brings together groups of 8-12 DHH students for socialization and and workshops on self-esteem and high school graduation.

Hearing Loss Nation- HearingLossNation is a non-profit online community designed specifically for HoH individuals between the ages of 18 and 35. Find blogs and discussion groups here.

Hearing Aids 101- Information about all brands of hearing aids can be found here.

DCMP- Borrow captioned DVD's and online streaming for free. Give this resource to all of your mainstream teachers.

Dot Sub- Search here to find captioned films.

Hear2Learn- Find free auditory screening and assessments useful for the Itinerant DHH teacher.

 IEP team discussion for need for Sign Language Interpreter- checklist related to need for interpreter is here.

Deaf Bill of Rights- This page contains discussion topics to help guide the IEP team's decision for need for sign language interpreter and other services. A related guideline for IEP team is here.

 RID provides this guideline containing roles and responsibilities of educational interpreters.

FM System Recordings- Find recordings of varying distances, with and without FM systems. Compare at IEP meetings or in-services to show benefit of FM system and preferential seating.

Sensimetrics- This site contains recordings of sounds, music, and sentences that are synthesized to sound the same as multi channel Cochlear Implant or HH students. It is great for showing the need to make eye contact with DHH students. Sounds that make no sense become intelligible when vision is added. It also shows that lipreading alone is very difficult. Great!

Simulations- Compare the quality of sentence and music clarity for various channel cochlear implants.

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Financial Assistance for Hearing Aids

Audient Alliance- AUDIENT helps low income people nationwide access quality hearing aids and related care at a significantly lower cost.

IDEA: Let Them Hear- This foundation provides financial assistance to acquire amplification and Cochlear Implants for needy individuals.

Hearing Aid Funding Sources-

Better Hearing Institute- This site contains many financial resources with information on exactly how to apply, where to apply, and specifics on obtaining free hearing aids for needy children.

Starkey Hearing Foundation- Contact this address for assistance in obtaining amplification for needy individuals.

Better Hearing Institute- Apply here for financial assistance for purchasing hearing aids.

Hearing Loss Web- Find resources for financial assistance to acquire hearing aids as well as great resources on developing employment strategies and skills.

Disabled Children's Relief Fund- Find the application for financial assistance to acquire amplification and other assistive devices here.

Sources of Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Funding- Find lots more resources here.

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Protection of Hearing

Dangerous Decibels- Under IDEA, Itinerant DHH teachers are mandated to teach hearing conservation. Find great information, interactive presentations, and virtual exhibit on hearing loss due to loud sounds.

Hearing Loss Simulator- Normal, mild, and moderate losses are simulated using different situations.

Listen to Your Buds- Information teach students that loud music can destroy your hearing

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