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Staff Development Planning


Technology Skills Assessments


Utah Technology Awareness Project- This giant site provides a method of evaluating personal technology skill levels. This skill survey helps teachers and trainers determine which technology training will be the most helpful.

School Staff Education Technology Needs Assessment- This 15 minute online survey asks all of the important questions and provides survey data.

CTAP2- - is an on-line, self-assessment tool that allows educators to determine their level of technology proficiency - Introductory, Intermediate, or Proficient. The self-assessment is based upon rubrics established in each area of technology competency and aligned with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Self Assessment Survey- The online survey should provide each employee with an anonymous self-assessment of how he/she compares with other employees in his/her building and in the district as a whole.

Assessment Tools- Wow! Here is a huge collection of links to online staff technology use  and needs surveys, 

Ozline- The Ten Stages to Web-Use Nirvana- Here are some basic questions that, when asked, group users into 10 sequential skill levels. Each level contains links for use with students or teachers working at that level. This is great for staff development and for integrating the web in the classroom.

Primary and Secondary School Internet User- Here are the questions and answers for schools newly introduced to Internet Teaching. This document is useful for the presenter, as a guide for potential questions asked by the faculty.

More Technology Use Surveys


Staff Development Planning Tools and Ideas


Project Based Online Learning- This site explores integration ideas, complete with links to resources.

Ice Breakers- Here is list of the latest Educational Jargon and Acronyms, could be humorous as you begin your staff development.

CTAP- Technology Proficiencies for California Teachers- Find multi-level rubric standards and idea resources for in-servicing teachers.

Instructional Technology Services- Here is a professional development lesson series, complete with agenda and staff development project samples. Adapt this program to fit your staff development needs.

Finding Time for Technology Staff Development- This great page explores the vital concern of how to carve out time, opportunity, and many other resources teachers need to realize the vision of education reform.

Utah Education Network- Here are Online Tutorials for beginning computing, becoming an Internet Trainer, lots of webpage creation topics, and lab management.

eHow- This site contains individual pages for answering almost every conceivable question related to hardware, software applications, networking, operating systems, home electronics and more. Use this when developing staff development information.

Training Handouts- Here are some great handouts to use as ideas when creating handouts for your staff development.

Classroom Connect's Handouts- Here are more handouts on just about every technology integration idea and educational application out there. 

Professional Development- Here are great workshop handouts for using presentation and multimedia, using the Internet, spreadsheets, word processing, graphic organizers, image editors, assessment, and databases.

International Reading Association Rumphius Awards- This is a collection of outstanding, teacher-designed websites that are excellent to share at staff development. The sites are wonderful examples of what can be done in the classroom!

Workshops for Elementary - Middle - High- These page is useful for introducing Web integration ideas to your staff. It hooks them with a listing of grade level classroom sites, Webquests, and attention-getting websites.

Professional Development Evaluation- Use this format when developing an evaluation form to distribute after your next Technology Workshop.


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Internet Terminology


Tech Encyclopedia -This is the place for advanced definitions of Internet terms, offers a searchable format.

Glossary of Internet Terms- Every acronym and word associated with computers is listed alphabetically here.

Technology Glossary- This is a list of technology acronyms and terms that was formulated just for teachers. Use this at your staff development class.

What is- Useful for staff development, here is a searchable tool for terms related to information technology, especially about the Internet and computers. It contains over 2,000 individual encyclopedic definition/topics and a number of quick-reference pages.

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Technology Integration Training

Beginning Skills

Integration Training


Practice Your Mouse Skills- Take your beginning students here to practice simple skills. 

Practice Using the Mouse- This page has links to wonderful online games that build mouse skills. 

Mouse Practice- Here is good practice on pointing, clicking, and scrolling.

Internet Tutorial for Beginners- Children or adults can learn to click, scroll, "find the big blue letters" and more.

Computer Training Tutorials- Wow! This site contains everything for learning basic skills, from mouse usage and buying a computer, to email and web evaluation!

General Practical Arts- Wow! Here is a 30 hour lesson that introduces the web using Webquests, activities, and more. Also find educational software and webpage creation lessons, with all of the handouts included. 

Integration Training

Technology Integration Activities- This advanced School District presents the lessons, activities, and  template folders for AppleWorks, HyperStudio, Kid Pix, Kidspiration & Inspiration for K-5 grade levels.

Technology Integration Unit Planning- Here are the five steps (with samples!) needed for effective integration. Use these ideas with your staff.

Technology In Education- Here are 170 annotated links to activities and Web sites  intended to take some of the mystery out of technology and show how to integrate it into the school day. 

The Teacher's Mousepad- Here is a place to find and share Technology Integrated Ideas for use in elementary classrooms. 

Jill's Tech Connect- Jill provides great resources for offering staff development, with complete staff training for integrating the Internet, interactive pictures in Excel, creating Web Pages in Word, Classroom management in limited computer classrooms, virtual fieldtrips, and more.

Fusion- This wonderful resource contains links and information on how to integrate technology into the curriculum. Use this site during your staff development! Find an Excel workshop with handouts here.

Internet4Classrooms- Here is wonderful resource containing links for k-12 teachers, daily quotes and activities, educational software tutorials, and tech tips. 

My eCoach- This outstanding resource provides technology developers with thematic units, standards-based lessons, projects, technology scope and sequence, and research.

10 Big Ideas- Wow! Here are the 10 methods for integrating the Web into the classroom, complete with concept descriptions and links to related projects. Find information on electronic fieldtrips, collaborative teamwork, global connection, research, publishing, home and community, individualizing, kid's corner, and more. 

CLN Community Learning Network- This is a great collection containing resources for lesson plans and themes, integrating the Internet, professional development, Internet training, and more.

EdCompass- These lesson activities have been created by educators for use with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, and can be easily integrated into existing lesson plans.

Technology Curriculum Integration Ideas- Here are some great ideas for using technology, organized by subject. This useful site contains examples for using technology, organized by grade level.

Creating Student Generated Websites- This presentation slideshow explains why and how to institute a program for student-created websites. More excellent slideshow presentations are found at this Loogootee page.

Contra Costa County Office of Education- Here are the slideshow presentations and handouts used by this organization at technology conferences. Get some great ideas for developing workshops on a variety of technology/education topics.

Integrating Technology In the Classroom- Loogootee School produces this wonderful collection of PowerPoint presentations that assist in the integration, setup, and management of computers in the classroom.

Guidelines For Planning Student Internet Experiences- This is excellent for staff development! Follow the outline and related links that describe the process of effectively using the Internet in the classroom.

Information Literacy and Internet Research- Dr. Carolyn O. Burleson of LAUSD provides this wonderful Webquest that would be great for staff development.

We Won a Grant, Now What Do We Do? This webquest, designed for Administrators, leads participants through the process of organizing a technology program. This is perfect for staff development.

Using Technology in the Classroom: Strategies and Paths- This page contains links that describe the constructivist theory, offer strategies for integrating academic subjects, and provides examples for using the Internet in academic areas. This is perfect for staff development.

 Using the Net To Create Thematic Units- This giant collection of links may provide ideas when planning a staff development.

Enhancing Early Elementary Reading With The Net- Hazel Jobe provides this page containing the links and schedule used for a workshop.

Oops- Go to "Funshop" Sessions to find great online slideshows on such topics as integrating the Internet, online projects, constructivism, student centered learning, webquests, digital portfolios, technology for the very young, and more. Find great bookmarks related to subjects, too! Helen Teague provides this great resource!

Classroom Internet on Trial- Teachers assume roles and evaluate the content of several provided activities and projects, very nice as a staff development exercise.

Classroom Integration Ideas: Language Arts- Terry Gray provides this list of links to Internet resources for use in the Language Arts Classroom.

Use the above with her great Administrator's Guide to the Internet, a document with annotated links to Why have Internet?, What do students do with the information?,  How do you train the staff?, and How do you evaluate teachers' use of technology?

Education World- Technology in the Classroom-Find lots of tutorials for using applications and integrating technology. Find a good list of Webquests and Scavenger hunts, too.

SCR-TEC- TrackStar lets you enter a collection of URLs, and TrackStar will organize them into an interactive, online presentation, or teachers can search for the Website collections- organized by grade level and subject. There are huge resource areas for teachers and students. Enter the word Handouts in the search form and find lots of great Staff Development ideas! This is a complete resource!

Tammy's Technology Tips- Here are great presentations about the one computer classroom, website evaluation, integrated projects, FileMaker Pro, website creation, problem-based learning, web-delivered instruction, and more.

K-5 Cybertrail- This is a cute exploration of Web integration designed for beginning users, particularly K-5 teachers. It models good sites, shows Web resources, and describes email and project integration.

Training Pages- From Berrien Country Intermediate School District, here is a detailed Internet tutorial, ideas for a one computer classroom, lesson and unit plans, and links to everything for staff development. This is a complete resource!

A Webquest About Webquests- High school and elementary level webquests are provided that allow participants to evaluate other webquest projects, great for staff development.

Weaving the Web into your K-12 Curriculum-  Teachers, working as group, assume one of 4 roles as they determine the effectiveness of Web and analyze the tools for using it. 

Search the Web Webquest- Paired students are asked to evaluate and record the effectiveness of many major search engines. 

TechTamers- Presentation Follow-up- Here are some great online presentations that are available for staff development. Get some great ideas here.

Classroom Resources- Here are some lesson activities for integrating word processors, spreadsheets, presentation and publishing software into the elementary curriculum.

Help2Go- Here is a 5 minute computer guide that explains complex information in simple language, a buyer's guide, and a net information resource.

California State Fullerton- Dept. of Elementary Ed-Concerned with training educators and students on using Web browsers and the Internet, the staff here has provided a downloadable and free animated tutorial. It is an effective tool to use at a staff development or student Internet class. The page has an extensive selection of  links by subject, also.

Awesome Library- Here is a listing of Technology Sites that are organized by guides, integrating technology, Internet for Beginners, and Webpage design.

Anguilla Library Computer Club- This is the scope sequence of technology literacy lessons, organized by levels 1 and 2, involving software and hardware.

Technology Curriculum Outline and Technology Units- Use this course outline and scope and sequence with  students, adaptable for using with adults, also. Find their grade level standard here.

AskLN -Professional development site that provides information and links. The site is dedicated to helping educators use technology in the classroom.

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Integration of Handhelds eTeacher presents ideas, downloads, and information for integrating handhelds. A middle school in Kentucky uses PDA's for homework, reading, classwork, and more. Find out how they do it. Find a table of general uses, list of places to purchase, collection of software downloads, and a great collection of links to educational handheld sites. 

Education and Reference Software- Find educational software for your Palm. 

CoffeePot Software- Learn about the latest grading and attendance software for your Palm.

K12 Handhelds- Here is an overview of how handhelds are influencing the way teachers teach, describing the hardware and software used. 


Philosophy and Resources for Staff Development



Thornburg Center -Lecture Handouts, speeches and information for staff development are here. These guys are well known speakers and proponents of technology in schools. All of their speeches are in audio and in print.

School Improvement Research- Staff Development- Here are the things to consider and methods for teaching teachers and other adults.

Evaluating Technology-Based Curriculum Materials- Technology that is fitted to curriculum can stimulate the development of higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills, supporting collaborative, globalized learning. This digest reviews how educators can evaluate technology-based curriculum materials for use in the classroom.

Education Newsgroups- Here are links to education-related newsgroups.

Global School Network - Information regarding educational links, web tutorials and on-line web classes is available at GSN.

TeachNet - Impact II site providing leadership, research and information to educators in the 21st C.

Creative Teaching- Here is a nice collection of teaching ideas, philosophy, and methods involving technology.

GSN- This Global SchoolHouse site contains models, guides and tutorials to assist you in using the Internet and Web as collaborative learning media. Teachers will find project based instruction, web research, collaborative web projects, resources, and staff development slideshows.

Thirteen Ed Online-  This is a comprehensive Web service for K-12 teachers, offering everything from lesson plans to online training for beginning Web users. Find software tutorials, student samples, technology research, and more.

The History of the Computer- Staff development sessions can include this great timeline describing the development of the computer. This History of the Internet is likewise valuable.

Kids Did This- Hotlist- This Site is listed here as an example to other teachers of the quality of work that is currently being done by students. Organized by topics, great student made projects are available. They will provide lots of integration ideas!

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Copyright Information


Art Rights and Wrongs- Designed by students, this colorful and informative site that teaches about copyrights, trademarks, and counterfeits. Here is an excellent resource for teaching kids and adults, offering many useful tips and tools to help kids expand the quality of their websites and to acknowledge their sources.

The Copyright Website- This site endeavors to provide real world, practical and relevant copyright information of interest to infonauts, netsurfers, webspinners, content providers, musicians, activists, infringers, outlaws, and law abiding citizens. Use this information for staff development.

A Visit To Copyright Bay- Interestingly set-up as a dangerous reef, all of the information regarding making copies, video, copyrights, and fair use for teachers is here.

Copyright and Fair Use- School Web Clubs presents this site with links to copyright permission forms, copyright information, myths, legalities, and more.

A Guide to Copyright: For Music Librarians- This also includes links to information on video, music, multi-media, and more used in education.

Permission information To Use Graphics or Links-  Demonstrate this information for using Web resources for teaching materials.

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse- These pages will help you understand the protections intellectual property laws and the First Amendment give to your online activities

More Copyright Information

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Training Opportunities


Electronic Emissary- The  "electronic emissary"  helps teachers by locating Internet account- holders with subject matter expertise relevant to their curricula who are willing to volunteer some of their time to share their knowledge via electronic mail. The experts available are individuals from all backgrounds and are suitable for all grade levels.


Staff Development Planning Copyright Information
Internet Terminlogy WWW Tutorials
Technology Integration Training Educational Software Tutorials     (Windows 9x, FrontPage Photoshop, Word, Hyperstudio, ClarisWorks, etc.)
Philosophy and Resources for Staff Development Presentation Techniques and Equipment

Model Program and School Site


Staff Dev. Lessons Links Teach Res Funds Kid's Fun Homework Projects Lang Social St. Rubrics
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