Exworthy Educational Resources

Staff Development Planning Tools and Ideas

Project Based  Learning- This site explores integration ideas, complete with links to resources.

Ice Breakers- Here is list of the latest Educational Jargon and Acronyms, could be humorous as you begin your staff development.

Finding Time for Technology Staff Development- This great page explores the vital concern of how to carve out time, opportunity, and many other resources teachers need to realize the vision of education reform.

eHow- This site contains individual pages for answering almost every conceivable question related to hardware, software applications, networking, operating systems, home electronics and more. Use this when developing staff development information.

Training Handouts- Here are some great handouts to use as ideas when creating handouts for your staff development. 

Professional Development Evaluation- Use this format when developing an evaluation form to distribute after your next Technology Workshop.

Using Primary Sources Handouts- Doing a workshop on the Library of Congress or Primary sources?

Accelerate Technology- Here are workshop handouts for numerous topics related to the classroom.