Exworthy Educational Resources

Tools and Tips for Presenting

The Executive Speaker Company- Find a newsletter, quotations, a complete selection of speaker's tips, commencement speeches, and lots more here!

Presentations.com- This newsletter contains great articles related to developing and delivering presentations.

The Virtual Presentation Assistant- Here are links for improving your public speaking skills.

Brain Candy- Useful for Language teachers in the classroom, this site is also great as a resource for presenters. It has lots of word plays, jokes, insults, trivia, mind puzzles, links, and more that can be ice-breakers or pre-workshop activities.

The Art of Communicating Effectively- Here are some great tips for preparing and delivering a great presentation.

Pat's Presentation Tips- Here is a nice collection of resources related to preparing and delivering speeches and presentations. Find links to poster development, creating visuals, powerpoint tips, and lots more.

Power Presentation Tips- Here are the usual and some unusual tips that can really come in handy.

Kodak Presenting Visual Information- Here are more useful tips.

Presentation Tips- Here are more not-so-talked-about tips for effective presenting.

Presenting Solutions- The Art of Communicating Effectively- Here presenters will find lots of great tips, ideas, solutions, rules and reminders for effectively speaking for a group.

The Barber Shop- More great tips fill this site, particularly on how to effectively prepare for your presentation.

The Eight Steps for Writing a Speech- Use this information when preparing your workshop presentation.